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Nia Jax reveals who helped her grow the most as a performer

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Nia Jax reveals who helped her grow the most as a performer

Nia Jax might be the topic of conversation when it comes to how brutal she is in the ring but she’s still a super nice person. But being nice won’t keep her from lifting someone up over her head and slamming them to the mat in very forceful fashion.

There are reports Jax injured Bayley on Raw and now The Hugger’s SummerSlam destination is in question. But when Nia spoke to Chris Jericho on a recent episode of Talk Is Jericho she had nothing but glowing things to say about Bayley.

“Bayley was the person who actually helped me grow as a performer in NXT. Just because at the time she was the top, well she still is but in NXT, you know I didn’t get to work with Sasha, Charlotte and Becky — Becky was one live event but they kinda went up soon after. Bayley was the one that actually helped me find out who I am in the ring.  Cause she’s so good, she’s such a [ring] general. ”

“She really, really helped me getting in the ring and just learning who I am. And then you know being the bigger, monster girl like other matches were kinda like ‘throw em around, squash em, boom boom boom.’ The one person I was able to go for like a twenty-minute match all over was Bayley. And learn about myself through her — she’s amazing.”

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So, if Nia Jax loves Bayley just imagine how she would treat someone she didn’t care for.

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