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Nigel McGuinness: Whoever wins WWE UK Championship tournament will be a big star for the company going forward

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Nigel McGuinness recently spoke with WWE.com about being part of the broadcast team for the upcoming WWE UK Championship tournament. During the interview, he was asked how it feels to be part of the company. He said that everyone keeps asking him that and noted that it feels surreal as he remembers being at the press conference and felt like he was somebody else. “This has been such a whirlwind, from getting the call from Michael Cole, to being here now. It still feels a little otherworldly.” He added that it was always his dream to work for WWE and is happy to be here as well as really excited for the future.

When asked about if he ever thought it would happen, he said that in the last three to four years he felt that it wouldn’t happen. He noted that when he was still wrestling there wasn’t any doubt that he is going to get here eventually. He noted that he knew he would have to pay his dues in pro wrestling and then get to WWE. “I think that was what really made it so difficult for me, when I didn’t get here, to accept that. It’s funny, isn’t it?”

When asked about the United Kingdom Championship Tournament, he stated that he believes the fans are going to see a lot of passion from the wrestlers as the UK has always been a wonderful breeding ground for WWE fans because they’ve been passionate about the product and supported it. “I also think people will be impressed with the talent and skill level of the competitors. A lot of these guys are 5, 10 years in the job already and have been all over the world.” He added that whoever wins the tournament is going to be a very big name in the company going forward.

You can read the entire interview here.

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