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NXT Superstars ready to take over The Download Festival again

Photo Credit: WWE


NXT Superstars ready to take over The Download Festival again

NXT is making their way around the United Kingdom and exciting fans everywhere they go. When they’re at the Download Festival they make their presence known. Whether they’re interrupting a rock show to plug the matches by breaking out into a spot show or just tweeting selfies, everyone should know where the NXT roster is. You should especially know where the WWE superstars of tomorrow are if you’re at the Download Festival.

You never know what can happen when NXT rolls into town. These people are hungry to make an impression and will go through great lengths to grab that brass ring.

NXT superstars put their bodies on the line every time they step in the ring to not only entertain fans but get a shot on WWE’s main roster. They’ve all worked very hard to get to where they are right now. The final goal is within reach and every NXT superstar knows all it takes is someone from WWE creative to notice them and one green light from Vince McMahon later they could be on the main roster. Just ask The Bollywood Boyz (Singh Brothers), Baron Corbin, Alexa Bliss, Elias Samson the list goes on. They are all overnight successes and every member of NXT’s roster wants to get the same shot.

There could be broken bones, torn muscles, or bloody injuries but it is all worth it to the finest students at WWE’s superior college of professional wrestling. Speaking of injuries, Ember Moon is back from a scary injury thanks to Asuka treating her like a lawn dart by throwing her out of the ring and through a metal barricade. But Moon is back and ready for action to prove herself to be the best opponent for The Empress Of Tomorrow.

Moon recently tweeted a selfie in a tent that is soon to be full of excited fans ready to see some NXT action. NXT plans to take over (pun intended) The Download Festival for the second night in a row and Ember Moon is ready to go at it again.


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