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Paige claims that Alberto El Patron saved the life of an 18 year old

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Impact Wrestling

Paige claims that Alberto El Patron saved the life of an 18 year old

WWE Superstar Paige sent out a tweet claiming that her fiancee and current Impact Wrestling star Alberto El Patron saved the life of an 18-year old boy. She wrote:

“Watched @PrideOfMexico save an 18 year old boys life. Scariest experience ever but without him that poor boy wouldn’t be here today.. cont.. Ppl always see the “negative” things on the internet & ignore the positive. You don’t realize how amazing he truly is. He saved a life..”

The “negative” things she is referencing relates to the stories that have gotten out over the past year. I think most wrestling news sites want to report on the positive stories but you can’t ignore the no-shows, the story about the alleged stabbing that led to Alberto no-showing a show in Mexico, the wellness policy violations, and the recent drunk Periscope rants from El Patron. Last week, there was a report (you can click here to read more on that) about an argument that took place backstage at the recent Impact Wrestling tapings.

Hopefully, we will start hearing more positive stories from both of them.

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Paige’s tweets are below:

Last Thursday, she posted the following photo on Instagram and claimed that her original engagement ring was stolen from their hotel room:


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