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Paige could be making an in-ring return to WWE soon?

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Paige could be making an in-ring return to WWE soon?

WWE fans miss Paige. The anti-diva was taken out of action due to a neck injury and things seemed to only get tougher for our favorite British crumpet from there . The last season of Total Divas barley scratched the surface of the controversy surrounding her relationship with Alberto Del Rio. It also didn’t even venture into the territory concerning the leaked nude pictures and videos featuring Paige and all the horrible events that included.

Since then Paige’s “Papi” Alberto left WWE and it would appear to any passive observer that she’s done the same thing. Paige hasn’t really spoken out against WWE since her hiatus from the company, but she didn’t shy away from standing next to Alberto while he drunkenly called out Triple H for being a “p*ssy” and claimed WWE was trying to hurt his baby.

WWE Studios and The Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions is doing a movie about Paige’s famous family so that adds even more intrigue to the story. WWE has since hired Thea Trinidad who along with being engaged to Austin Aries is also playing AJ Lee in the upcoming movie. But WWE would still love to have Paige around to help promote the soon-t0-be-released “Fighting With My Family” film.

Paige recently announced she was going in for her last set of X-Rays and will hopefully be making a comeback soon. Who knows when that return will happen because word was WWE would have already released her unless they were producing a movie about her family.

One fan posed a question to Dave Meltzer concerning Paige asking: “any word on chances we see Paige return? And If so when?” The Observer’s writer replied in short fashion, but a lot can be taken from his one word response. WWE might have accidentally revealed earlier this week that the Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match could have an extra contestant added on Sunday. Paige was last seen on the Raw brand, but that hasn’t stopped WWE from doing that they wanted to in the past concerning brand jumping. However in the end the real question boils down to “how soon is ‘soon?'”

Potential spoiler for WWE Money In The Bank


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