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Possible new television deal with FOX could cut Raw down to two hours

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Possible new television deal with FOX could cut Raw down to two hours

Nothing has quite been the same since WWE decided to make Monday Night Raw a three-hour program. Every now and then you can end up with an epic broadcast, but sometimes fans are left waiting to see if the close of the show will be worth the wait.

But in October 2019 things could change for WWE concerning where they call their home on television. Their deal with USA Network has been beneficial for all parties involved. But the grass could always be greener on the other side.

This story has a lot to do with UFC’s current deal with Fox which is a big one and worth a lot of money. If UFC decides to leave Fox then it could possibly open up WWE to move into that space.

Dave Meltzer discussed this subject on Wrestling Observer Radio where he said if WWE could fetch close to the huge numbers UFC is getting, it could entice WWE to move over to Fox. But there would be a couple of catches to this agreement.

If Raw was to air live on Monday Nights on Fox, then it would need to be trimmed down to a two-hour show once again because Fox affiliates air their nightly news at 10:00 pm.

Another issue would be what would happen to SmackDown Live if this agreement went through because FS1 would need some WWE programming to make up for the loss of the UFC product. Therefore, SmackDown would likely find themselves on FS1 which is a network with much less visibility than USA Network.

Then again, if the WWE Mixed Match Challenge finds huge success, who knows what kind of offers WWE might be entertaining when the time comes to decide a new home for Raw and SmackDown Live? Disney’s purchase of Fox could also change things so there are a lot of balls still up in the air for this story. But USA Network isn’t likely to let go of one of their main draws either, so this is yet another “wait and see” situation.

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