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Possible reason why Jinder Mahal lost the WWE Championship to AJ Styles

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Possible reason why Jinder Mahal lost the WWE Championship to AJ Styles

Jinder Mahal is no longer WWE Champion. If you think that’s hard news for The Modern Day Maharaja to take, just talk to any one of the 1.3 billion people in India who are heartbroken by this news. It is a rather interesting turn of events because Mahal was set to take on Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, but now that match is apparently changed and they had to new graphics ready for the match before SmackDown Live even went off the air.

But why did WWE decide to take the title off of Jinder Mahal is still the question remaining in this situation. Some say Jinder Mahal is working hurt because his shoulder has been taped up rather well during live shows although he hasn’t sported the Kinesio Tape on television so he doesn’t look weak.

Then again, Mahal told ESPN that he was fine and wasn’t working injured at all. Jinder also worked all the dates on the European tour which isn’t something WWE would typically do if they had a hurt champion they were just waiting to take the title off of. Then again, he could always win his title back in front of his people when WWE tours India in December.

The idea that AJ Styles might be getting a “thank you” gift from WWE is also a possibility. When he dropped everything and left the South American tour in order to fly to Minneapolis and take on Finn Balor it took a lot of effort. But Styles was more than willing to do it.

It’s an interesting situation and could have been based on several different reasons. From trying to sell more tickets to live shows to simply needing to give Jinder Mahal a break, WWE might have made the title switch for a multitude of reasons. But one thing’s for sure, it makes the match against Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series much more interesting.

After all, AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar is one of those dream matches people have been fantasy booking for a long time and it’s finally going to happen in Houston.

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