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Randy Orton issues an “apology”

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Randy Orton issues an “apology”

Randy Orton took to Twitter to give a sarcastic apology after he retweeting Rip Rogers comments about independent wrestlers that focus too much on flips and dives instead of slowing down and saving their bodies while working on psychology.

Orton wrote, “Sorry to the Indy marks, Indy guys and old timers who do DIVES took offense….. just having a good time over a few drinks in Denmark closing the Smackdown Live tour….while beating Raw in making over 5 million dollars in the last 11 shows. Now I know to some that doesn’t equate to a standing room only crowd of 150 people paying $8 at an armory somewhere…. but in the big boy world that’s called putting asses in seats. So enjoy your flips, dives, and 20 superkicks per match. To each their own. I will go “dive” back into my 13th title run and get ready to “flip” when my bank statement comes this month…………headlock”

For more on the backstory on what started all of this, click here.

Prior to that tweet, he posted this:


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