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Rock legend David Crosby enrages wrestling fans, Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho respond

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Rock legend David Crosby enrages wrestling fans, Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho respond

Everybody knows Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young and if you don’t know who they are then it’s worth a search in your Google machine. David Crosby might have been laying low recently and enjoying life as it comes to him. But he may have stirred up some controversy years after his run with his legendary bandmates. Also, as with some of the best controversies and social faux pas, this was created out of an innocent misunderstanding.

Someone like David Crosby has a legion of social media followers and fans who want to reach out to the famous musician. One fan simply asked Crosby if he did crossword puzzles. That’s an innocent enough of a question, right? While some might assume it was good-natured enough the backlash caused by Crosby’s response was pretty incredible.

Now, that wasn’t very nice of him. But it certainly sparked an outrage. Many wrestling fans took great exception to that comment. Besides, pro wrestling fans can read and if you can’t read then thank you for magically understanding the words in this article.

As part of the public outcry, Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho decided to jump in on the fun. Both of them had some wicked responses. After all, Crosby said he wasn’t talking about wrestling when there hasn’t been a wrestling company named WWF for sixteen years.

Later on, another fan asked Crosby if he wanted to play WWF but David responded by saying his Words With Friends card was already full.

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