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Rusev is not happy at all about his character in WWE 2k18

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Rusev is not happy at all about his character in WWE 2k18

WWE’s video game franchise can bring out some very interesting sides of a Superstar, especially when they see their character’s rating on the game and it’s not as high as they think it should be.

It could be a huge feather in anyone’s cap to have a high Superstar rating in the game and could reflect the success they experienced in the previous year. But when Rusev saw his score in the new WWE 2k18 is only an 84, he had more than a simple statement regarding this basic rating when he was asked if he was happy about it on Facebook live.

“Of course not. How can an undefeated Superstar for a whole year face John Cena at WrestleMania on freaking tank, be rated 84? And Sami Zayn, who weighs 180 pounds, shaves his abs in with a razor, can have a higher rating than me? And also, Shane McMahon has a what, 84? He wrestles once a year? Also he does stunts. The only other realistic rating is Vince McMahon who has 74 cause he sucks.”

At least he can still go in and edit his character’s rating so it can always be Rusev Day when he plays WWE 2k18.

Rusev is not happy with Shane McMahon!

WWE Superstar Rusev is not happy with WWE SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon! 😱Massive thanks to WWE United Kingdom!

Posted by SPORF on Monday, November 20, 2017

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