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Ryback says John Cena is a poison for wrestling, says Alex Riley’s WWE career ended because of Cena

On his latest podcast, Ryback talked about John Cena and the issues that led to Alex Riley being let go from WWE. Riley recently talked about an incident that caused his career to get sidetracked but he has not gone into details on what happened.

Ryback talked about Cena allegedly not being the nicest guy in the locker room. He said, “he’s been a piece of sh*t to me since day one.” He added, “when people hear what really happened with [Riley], they’re gonna lose their sh*t.” He said that it’s hilarious because people will find out about the real Cena. He recalled hearing Cena burying Riley in front of everyone for no reason while Riley was in the ring even though Riley was working his ass off and getting a reaction from the people. He added, “I swear to God, [Riley’s] career is over for no f*cking reason because of John and his personal issues.”

He didn’t stop there. He said that Cena has been a poison to the wrestling business and he did so much harm to new talent that tried to break out and he thinks that Triple H started NXT because he needed to protect some new guys and Cena can’t pick his battle with a bunch of new guys coming from NXT. He feels that Triple H wanted to get rid of the Cena problem (burying younger up and coming guys).

Ryback feels that someone needs to speak up for the rest of the guys on the roster because they don’t have that luxury. You can listen to Ryback talking about Cena in the clip below and click here to subscribe and listen to the entire podcast.

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