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Simon Gotch comments on if his WWE release was mutual, addresses backstage incident before his release

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Simon Gotch comments on if his WWE release was mutual, addresses backstage incident before his release

Former WWE Superstar Simon Gotch, who is now going as Simon Grimm on the independent scene, recently spoke with Josh Barnett of USA Today’s “For The Win” section about departing from WWE. During the interview, he was asked about reports of a backstage incident at SmackDown Live before his release. He said that the actual story is that it happened at WrestleMania 33. He said that he was sitting in catering and the chair he was in was kinda flimsy. He said that he went to shift into it and it just collapses underneath him. He said that his immediate reaction was to demand someone pin him and the guy who comes over is someone that Gotch thought worked for WWE. He didn’t realize the guy was a local technician and was not a WWE technician. He noted that the guy came over and helped him, but he told the guy that he had to pin him. The guy wasn’t going for it. He noticed that the guy wasn’t going to pin him, so he kicked the chair to the side. That was the whole incident according to Gotch. He said that he saw the story online and that the parts where it said that he fell in the chair and made a big scene by yelling and screaming are not accurate.

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When asked if his WWE release was mutual, he said that WWE brought it up to him and he agreed to it. “It was one of those things where I was unhappy, and they basically felt like the character had run its course. I said I agreed, and they said they wanted to exercise the termination clause in my contract. I agreed with that as well and we went from there. This wasn’t exactly an unwanted thing on my part. I wasn’t happy, and I actually felt that was the best move. In any situation, sometimes if you see the opportunity, you take it.”

When asked about his release being for the best, he thinks that it’s probably for the best. He noted that Aiden English is getting an opportunity to showcase himself as a singles star. “I’m going to get the opportunity to show that I’m capable of more than just being the character. Realistically speaking, both of our careers will be better for it. It played out the best it could have.”

You can read the entire interview here.


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