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Simon Grimm says he was unhappy in WWE but door isn’t closed on return

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Simon Grimm says he was unhappy in WWE but door isn’t closed on return

Simon Gotch was one-half of the Vaudevillains. Now Aiden English is singing opera music by himself on SmackDown Live and Gotch is surfing the waves of the indie scene as Simon Grimm.

Simon recently got a chance to sit down with Wrestle:List and got quite candid about a few subjects including the fact he wasn’t happy in WWE at all.

“I was really unhappy. I’d actually been pretty unhappy there for a while. It’s kind of an odd little side story – the previous year, right after the TakeOver they did in Dallas, which myself and my former tag team partner Aiden English weren’t even on the live special from Dallas. And I’d always been really close with Biff Busick or Oney Lorcan as he’s now known, and he walked by and said ‘Hey man, how are you doing,’ and I just looked at him and said ‘I f-cking hate this place. I want to quit,’ and he got this huge grin on his face. If you’ve ever seen Biff smile you know he’s got this very unique sort of half smile does, but it was that thing of really, frustration building up and being really depressed about how we were being used. And you always want to be doing more and when you’re feeling like you’re not being allowed to you’re literally being barred from doing more, it can wear on you a lot.”

He went on to solidify the fact that you can never say never in the world of pro wrestling. Therefore a return to WWE is never out of the cards for Simon but it would have to be a unique set of circumstances for sure.

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“I wouldn’t say the door is closed obviously because in wrestling if it’s going to make them money, they’re not going to care about anything else. Serena Deeb was actually just back in the Mae Young Classic and I’m pretty sure everyone thought she was blackballed after she got released and I must have heard she’d retired a couple of years ago.”

“So she’s an example of someone who a lot of people would’ve thought would never be back. Mickie James, Alundra Blayze, Drew McIntyre is probably one that people thought would never come back or Jinder Mahal. For me personally, I think it’s a matter of – I would need to come back under the right circumstances. I wasn’t happy with how I was used when I was there. I wouldn’t want to come back to basically fall into that same trap again.”

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