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Something Else To Wrestle With delayed because of creative differences with WWE

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Something Else To Wrestle With delayed because of creative differences with WWE

For those of you planning on watching “Something Else To Wrestle With,” it looks like you will need to wait a couple of days. Show host Conrad Thompson posted a video on Twitter to explain to fans that the show is delayed but the delay has nothing to do with him or Bruce Prichard.

Thompson said that there are creative differences with WWE over the content of the show. This week’s episode will cover WWE’s version of ECW…you know, the version that was originally supposed to be a Shane McMahon project on but ended up becoming a watered down version of the original product. Instead of the original plans, the show turned into a third brand on the SyFy channel and it was eventually scrapped in 2009 for the original incarnation of NXT.

Thompson said, “WWE wanted to edit some stuff, we’ve got creative differences. It ain’t airing. I wanted you to hear it directly for us. It’s not because we didn’t tape the show [because] we did. We’re just not happy with the final product and this is the first time this has happened.” He added, “We’re not gonna change the narrative. I’m not gonna whitewash everything that ECW was.”

Whatever the issues are, this will probably get more eyeballs on the show so these “creative differences” can be considered a blessing in a way. Hopefully, there aren’t too many edits from WWE.

Check out Thompson’s announcement below:

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