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Spoilers for WWE Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live

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Spoilers for WWE Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live

Since the start of the Raw vs. Smackdown Live “Under Siege” angle a few weeks ago, fans have been wondering when Raw would retaliate. It’s obvious that they would get some revenge before the Survivor Series but WWE had to hold off on that until the live event schedules lined up, which is why much of the promotion for the show is happening on social media (see: Miz vs. Baron Corbin).

Well, the Smackdown crew is usually booked for a live event on Monday night’s except for this week so you can expect some of the Smackdown talent to appear on Raw this week in Atlanta for the Survivor Series “go home” show. Also, several of the top stars from the Raw roster are scheduled to appear on Smackdown Live in Charlotte, NC.

As we noted a few days ago, it’s possible that we’ll see more changes to the Survivor Series card on Monday and Tuesday. Click here for the latest card and a list of potential changes to the card.

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