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The Big Guy has legally changed his name to Ryback Reeves

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The Big Guy has legally changed his name to Ryback Reeves

WWE may own the trademark to the Ryback name but it looks like Ryan Reeves got one over on them because he has legally changed his name to Ryback Reeves. Promoters are now listing him as Ryback or Ryback Reeves on advertising and he has changed his name to Ryback Reeves on Instagram.

It will be interesting to see if WWE decides to fight him in court over the name like they did when Ultimate Warrior legally changed his name to Warrior. I don’t see how they can prevent him from promoting himself as Ryback if that’s his legal name. I believe he also was the one to come up with the Ryback name.

As of this writing, there are still several Ryback items listed on WWEShop.com including an action figure, a couple of shirts, a pendant and an armband. Most of the items listed have been discounted (the pendant and armband are listed at $1.99).

Reeves took a hell of a risk by asking for his WWE release so I have to give the guy credit for doing what many others wish they could do. He recently launched his own website with merchandise, workout gear and supplements. He also does a weekly podcast so he is doing all of the right things to keep his name out in the public eye to stay relevant. He is scheduled to appear for Milo’s Collectibles on Sunday, October 2nd in San Jose, CA.


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