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The latest on Goldberg’s status with WWE

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The latest on Goldberg’s status with WWE

As previously noted, Goldberg’s contract with WWE expired at WrestleMania. There is a longer agreement that allows WWE to sell merchandise and, by all accounts, his latest run was considered a success so the door is open for a return. It’s all going to come down to what Goldberg feels is right regarding money and how his body holds up.

Since no other wrestling company will come close to what WWE paid him and because there are no immediate plans for him, there is no rush to get him to sign a new deal. Goldberg looked great during his recent run because Brock Lesnar went to bat for him to make sure that Goldberg looked as strong as possible ahead of the big match at WrestleMania.

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If Goldberg returns for a program with someone else, then things could be different because Lesnar will not be going to bat for him.

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