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The latest on Matt Cappotelli’s battle with brain cancer

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The latest on Matt Cappotelli’s battle with brain cancer

Here is the latest update from Matt Cappotelli’s Facebook:

So thankful to everyone who is donating! Here is the latest update on Matt’s treatment from his wife Lindsay. Please keep sharing and donating! #TEAMCAPP

After getting a second opinion from doctors at MD Anderson, Matt has decided to forego radiation for now and has begun his first dose of oral chemotherapy today. He will take the chemotherapy initially every day for six weeks straight. After that, there will be 23 days of recovery, then it will be 5 days of chemo followed by 23 days of recovery every month. Depending on the financial logistics, we are also considering a new brain cancer treatment device called Optune, which is worn on the head for 18 hours a day. It works by creating low-intensity electric fields, called Tumor Treating Fields, or TTFields. TTFields help slow or stop glioblastoma cancer cells from dividing and may also cause some of them to die.

Click here if you would like to donate to help out with his medical costs.

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