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The Miz comments on coming up with idea for Miz TV, working with Maryse, more

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The Miz comments on coming up with idea for Miz TV, working with Maryse, more

The Miz recently spoke with USA Today’s “For the Win” about various topics. During the interview, he was asked about how the idea came about for Miz TV, which is his talk show. He said that the first idea for the show came along in 2011 and the original idea was that he wanted to make fun of people and then beat them up. He mentioned that they did the show and it ended up with him beating up and making fun of people just like his original idea.

“I was like, How does this happen? It’s changed over time where I have become an antagonist. I would push people’s buttons and see where I could get them for the most interaction. But we’ve also been able to use it as a showcase for (Miz and Maryse) and tell our story and get that across. That’s what I want to use it for.”

Since his wife Maryse returned to the WWE the day after WrestleMania 32 in 2016, fans believe that The Miz’s career has had a resurgence. When asked about working with her on WWE TV, he noted that any person in the company always evolves especially if you have been around for a long time like has.

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“If you’re the same character, it becomes bland and generic. I had become this arrogant and egotistical character, but ever since my wife has come back into WWE, I feel like my career has soared. It’s given me a new type of confidence. Whenever you wrestle in Speedos in front of your wife, you want to show off. You don’t want to get your butt kicked in front of your wife. And she helps out where she can. It’s great having her around. She’s a huge part of why I’ve had the success I’ve had.”

The Miz also talked about what Miz TV means to him and more. You can read the entire interview here.


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