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The Miz roasts Tye Dillinger with harsh Twitter comeback

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The Miz roasts Tye Dillinger with harsh Twitter comeback


Miz won his match at Great Balls Of Fire, but then again so did every other heel. The main event arguably had no heels or babyfaces so that’s a moot point, but apparently that’s the way WWE is booking things now.

When Miz came down with the victory over Dean Ambrose he did so with the help of his Miztourage, specially Bo Dallas. Dean Ambrose kind of started it with the Miztourage though by leaving the ring to pummel Miz’s friends, but that’s another story completely.

Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel seem like a good fit for Miz. WWE is using the Marine 5: Battleground as the reason why Miz hooked up with Dallas and Axel too which is a clever tie-in. Regardless of how mix-matched Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel might be when it comes to attire, it goes to serve the over all stable well.

But what really helps the stable is the fact that Bo Dallas clocked Dean Ambrose over the head with what could have possibly been a foreign object and helped Miz pull off a Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Tye Dillinger is one of the guys on SmackDown Live who usually gets a tremendous ovation from the crowd but hasn’t been featured on television like most would have hoped. The Perfect 10 might get one of the biggest pops of the night but on most weeks you’d never know this when you tune into SmackDown Live.

Dillinger commented to Miz saying he was able to pull off a very crafty win at Great Balls Of Fire. After the backhanded compliment Tye invited Miz to come by SmackDown Live sometime. We can only assume he is certain those same heelish tactics wouldn’t work on him.

Miz replied in perfect A-Lister fashion by being short yet impactful. He asked Tye why he needed to show up at SmackDown and made reference to the fact that Dillinger only gets to perform in opening dark matches. It was an insider’s insult, but it stung nonetheless.


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