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Update on the “big secret” angle taking place this Monday night on Raw

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Update on the “big secret” angle taking place this Monday night on Raw

WWE has announced that Kurt Angle will be doing a live interview after Monday Night Raw on the WWE Network. This will be a follow-up to the “big reveal” that will, presumably, happen at the end of the show. WWE is hoping for a huge ratings boost as they begin the build towards SummerSlam.

There has been a ton of speculation online on what this “big reveal” or “big secret” might be and it seems like they want the fans to believe that another woman is involved. We won’t spoil anything here but it looks like a huge clue might have been given away earlier this week. If you’d like to find out then click here.

In addition to the “big reveal,” a number 1 contenders match between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe will determine who will go on to face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. As of last week, the plan was to go with Reigns vs. Lesnar but given that Joe has been so hot during his feud with Lesnar, I could see them changing course and doing a Triple Threat with Lesnar vs. Joe vs. Reigns for the title.

WWE is looking to make SummerSlam as big as possible this year so the storylines should start heating up in the coming weeks.

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