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Very odd Sasha Banks item being sold on eBay

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Very odd Sasha Banks item being sold on eBay

If you forgot to buy a Christmas gift for someone on your list then you’re in luck. If you go to eBay right now then you can buy strands of Sasha Banks hair…yes, seriously.

You can find all kinds of things on eBay but this might be one of the creepiest wrestling-related things I’ve seen on there. The bidding will be open until 1/25 and the seller claims that the strands of hair are authentic. I don’t know how anyone would be able to prove that.

Anyway, here is the item description from the seller and scroll down to see a screenshot of the post listing:

“This auction is for the Sasha Banks 2 hair strands only, does not include signed tshirt these hair pieces were found enbeddedin.

This auction includes two stands of purple hair from WWE superstar Sasha Banks. I found these strands weaved into the connors cure tshirt I purchased on WWE auction. I pulled them out and placed in a bag. These are from the 9/18/17 Raw episode when Sasha comes out to block Alexa Bliss from leaving the match against Nia Jacks.

This auction is for the hair strands only, not the signed ring worn tshirt.

I promise all pieces were pulled from shirt after inspection upon opening. I assure the strands belonged to Sasha Banks on raw 9/18 when she worn this shirt which can be proven by watching or viewing the authenticity of the ring worn tshirt by WWE.” / upstatesports10

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