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WATCH: Alberto El Patron has more to say about Triple H, bullying and alleged racisim in WWE

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WATCH: Alberto El Patron has more to say about Triple H, bullying and alleged racisim in WWE

Alberto El Patron is back at it and he is not backing down after his recent comments directed at WWE and Triple H. Paige posted a clip with Alberto at their “La Cantinita” restaurant in San Antonio.

At first, Alberto noted that he was not drunk but later admitted that he had been drinking and referenced the guy with the “big nose and no balls.” That is another obvious shot at Triple H. He also ripped on WWE’s anti-bullying campaign.

He added, “I hope you guys watch Impact Wrestling. No bulls**t. They don’t judge you depending on the color of your skin like in other places. I’m not mentioning any names. Impact Wrestling – they don’t care if you are brown white black. They treat you the same. They don’t care if you are from Mexico, America, China, Russia or any other country. They don’t do that bulls**t anti-bullying, no hate campaign. You have to preach with example Stamford. If you are going to be running an anti-bullying campaign you have to stop bullying people. If you are gonna be running a no hate campaign then you need to stop judging people by the color of their skin.” Then he said that he had “a thousand drinks.”

It’s clear that she was not too thrilled with the anti-WWE comments since she is still under contract with them. You can check out the comments from Alberto below.

Here is another video (also posted on Paige’s Twitter account) where Alberto is heard saying, “I still believe that Triple H has a big nose and no balls.” He later said, “Triple H, you’re a f**king pu**y. You just married well.”

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