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WATCH: Jinder Mahal has responded to Triple H

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WATCH: Jinder Mahal has responded to Triple H

As noted on Saturday night, Triple H teased a match with Jinder Mahal on December 9th in New Delhi, India. Mahal has issued a response.

Obviously, the match will be taking place. They are promoting this as the biggest match in the history of India. We don’t know if Mahal will be the WWE Champion during these shows since he dropped the title to AJ Styles last week. However, there are three episodes of Smackdown Live in between the Survivor Series and the India shows and there was an ad out a few weeks ago that listed Mahal as a 2-time WWE Champion so I would not rule out Mahal winning the title back from Styles in the next few weeks.

Check out Mahal’s response to Triple H below:

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