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WATCH: Sean Waltman asks for hair follicle and polygraph test – complete details on what happened at LAX

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WATCH: Sean Waltman asks for hair follicle and polygraph test – complete details on what happened at LAX

On the latest “XPac 12360” podcast, Sean Waltman gave his side of the story regarding his arrest at LAX on Saturday morning. He said that he had cannabis capsules and vape cartridges but he has a prescription for them so that’s not really an issue. He said that he got the distinct impression that US Customs were waiting for him after he got through TSA.

He said that US Customs asked him if he had anything to declare. He showed them that he had the cannabis and his medical marijuana card but one guy “that was apparently running the show” told him to read the sign that said that they have no tolerance for any kind of drugs. He said that the drug dogs sniffed his bag but they found the marijuana and not meth.

He said that he had yeast infection pills and that is what the authorities claimed were meth pills but he was not told that until later. He added that the guy in charge was “bound and determined” to get him. He addressed his previous arrest for Pennsylvania but that was also for cannabis and he also had a bottle of Xanax on him. Waltman said that the guy in charge at US Customs at LAX did an analysis and then he heard them say “we have to redo all of this” and eventually he was moved to a different chair so he could barely hear what he was saying. He heard them mention meth but did not think much of it. At the very end of the process is when he says that he was told that the belief was that he had meth on him. He was adamant that he did not have meth and he would never bring meth into another country with the intent to sell. At one point he says that he heard someone say “we gotta make this look good.”

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Waltman says that he wants a hair follicle and polygraph test and that the field tests are not as accurate. He added, “once they finally figured out how to get me, then airport police came and then there was a big argument between them.” He said that airport police didn’t want to take him to get booked in jail. Until the charges are dropped, he is not allowed to leave the State Of California. He added, “when the guy got the judges [to extradite him] order, he jumped up and down for joy.”

He addresses everything at approximately the 17:00 mark


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