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WATCH: The Undertaker enjoyed Father’s Day with a walk on the beach

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WATCH: The Undertaker enjoyed Father’s Day with a walk on the beach


The Undertaker’s legendary career will probably go on to be one of the most influential runs in WWE history. Even though he is The Dead Man, his legacy will certainly live forever. WWE has been making veiled hints that The Undertaker might not be totally gone. But whether or not he laces up his boots again and walks back to the squared circle, he will always be a family man first.

Taker’s wife Michelle McCool is a very lucky lady. McCool and Taker were married in 2010 and the happy couple welcomed their first child Kaia Faith Calaway in 2012. It looks like things change and stay the same at the same time in pro wrestling. As characters grow outside of the ring their characters can follow suit as they mature as well. Fans have watched the evolution of The Undertaker from Old West Mortician to an American Badass Biker. Now we can see him as a father. It’s not a trippy experience in the slightest if you consider the fact that this isn’t Taker’s first rodeo in fatherhood.

Mark Calaway has three children from his first two marriages to Jody Lynn and Sara. You might remember Sara from her time in WWE storylines dealing with a psychotic DDP, but when the couple divorced that might have been the last we see of her.

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The Undertaker’s current wife isn’t shy about showing off though. McCool is a former four-time Women’s Champion (2 Divas and 2 Women’s) so she’s not afraid of keeping the WWE Universe current to what’s going on in her life.

Yesterday was Father’s Day and the Calaway Family spent some time at the beach. It’s pretty cool to see Undertaker and his daughter by the ocean as they look on into the vast blue scene in front of them. Big Evil might not be so evil after all. One thing’s for sure, if The Undertaker does come up with a way to come back to WWE, let’s hope he is able to figure out how to wear that awesome hat to the ring.

Happy Father's Day to these two studs! #loveandprotect 💙

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