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WATCH: Vader on being told he has two years left to live, working with DDP, more

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WATCH: Vader on being told he has two years left to live, working with DDP, more

Former WCW Champion Vader was recently interviewed by Hannibal TV to discuss his lingering health issues as well as reports that he has two years to live. When asked about his car accident earlier this year, he said that he was in his company car and coming back from Costco when there was a series of turns. He caught a turn too late and overturned coming back and the car rolled twice. He noted that the whole top of the car was caved in where his head was. He noted that his eyes were black and blue, nose swollen and that his head as probably close to twice the normal size. He said that he should’ve died in the car accident, which was just a few weeks before he was supposed to see a doctor. He said that he went to a medical center and saw his doctor, who is an MD and heart specialist. He was told that he has two years left to live due to his heart. He noted that he had so many questions to ask and is currently in the process of getting those questions answered, so it’s hard for him to start talking about it at this point. He said that he is working out and feels good.

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When asked if he is still able to wrestle, he said yes and noted that he has bookings lined up and that he is getting prepared for those bookings.

When asked if he’ll be working on with Diamond Dallas Page, he noted that DDP actually contacted him and praised him. He said that he would be meeting up with DDP on January 2nd in Atlanta to start working on his health. He noted that his goal is to lose 100 pounds as he currently weighs either 375 or 380.

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