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What efforts were made to get Brock Lesnar to stay in WWE after WrestleMania XX

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What efforts were made to get Brock Lesnar to stay in WWE after WrestleMania XX

Brock Lesnar was still the Beast Incarnate during his first run with WWE, but they called him The Next Big Thing. The name was given to Lesnar by Paul Heyman who wanted to push him to the writing staff that was always looking for “the next big thing.” While we’re talking about Lesnar’s Advocate, YOU’VE GOT TO SEE WHAT HEYMAN’S BREAKING NEWS WAS FOR SUMMERSLAM.

But being on top of WWE going into WrestleMania XX didn’t stop Brock from seeking out greener pastures. Actually, they were greener football fields because he wanted to become a Minnesota Viking. As time would tell that didn’t pan out for Brock. Bruce Prichard recently recalled the efforts to try and get Brock Lesnar to stay in WWE past his match with Goldberg at Mania in the first place.

“We all tried to get Brock [Lesnar] to stay and Paul [Heyman] was in Brock’s ear whispering and constantly trying to get Brock to reconsider and stay in professional wrestling,” Prichard said. “But there was a point where there was no more talking to Brock.”

“Brock had made up his mind — he wanted to play football and didn’t want to be a wrestler anymore, didn’t wanna travel, and he was just done. So that’s one time I’ll give Paul credit for knowing when to tap out. Cause Brock probably would have beaten him.”

In the end, Lesnar found his way back to WWE but he had to go through the UFC and New Japan first. With rumors Brock might be headed back to the Octagon who knows if he’ll be taking off once again after WrestleMania 34 concludes?

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