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Where is Stephanie McMahon?, WWE couple secretly married, bad news on Kurt Angle, top star injured + more

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Where is Stephanie McMahon?, WWE couple secretly married, bad news on Kurt Angle, top star injured + more

Kurt Angle was on Chris Jericho’s podcast last week and he revealed that he is dealing with nerve issues because of the neck injuries he’s suffered. He talked about the broken neck during his time in the Olympics but that did not do so much damage. He said, “I broke it 4 times in 2 and a half years in WWE.” He added, “I don’t have the strength I had before I broke my neck in 2003.” He says that he can only bench 185 pounds and that’s not good for someone like him. Angle said that he had talks with UFC (years ago) but various factors made him decide not to go through with it and he was also in denial. The fact that he is not as strong in 2003 would probably mean that he would not have fared well in the Octagon so he made the right choice.

In regards to wrestling again, the door is open but he thinks that the company wants to make sure that he stays clean. He would also have to pass the standard medical testing. He feels that WWE wants him to do ambassador work and, perhaps, he’ll get to wrestle at some point.

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Angle also told a hilarious story about his first match in WWE and having to cut a promo in the middle of his match with Shawn Stasiak. He also discussed his departure from WWE in 2006. He talked about how Vince McMahon being a father figure to him and not talking to him for 11 years. He noted that he tried contacting McMahon years ago but McMahon was not interested in bringing him back because of Angle’s addiction issues. McMahon finally gave in when he realized that Angle had been clean for a few years and that led to Triple H making the call to bring him back. He also talked about Chris Benoit, working with Hulk Hogan, Eddie Guerrero, his run with TNA and much more.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking below:

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