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Why Tessa Blanchard is missing WrestleCade this year

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Why Tessa Blanchard is missing WrestleCade this year

There are a lot of people who would love to see Tessa Blanchard. She has an incredible personality and in-ring skills of a veteran performer. Being a third-generation pro wrestler sometimes means you are just born with the gift. And it certainly looks like Tessa Blanchard has all the skills to make it in the pro wrestling world.

As she travels the globe to excite crowds wherever she goes people are always happy to see her. There were rumors Impact Wrestling might be looking to bring Tessa Blanchard into the company which could happen sooner than later.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported Impact Wrestling was going to be doing some television tapings at WrestleCade this year. This move would offer a great stage for some legends from pro wrestling’s past. But one person who won’t be on the show is Tessa Blanchard.

She recently revealed WrestleCade is off the table for her and there’s a good reason for it. As it turns out, wrestling in Australia has always been on Tessa’s bucket list and she’s looking to check off that item in November. Unfortunately, Blanchard wrestling down under will cause her to miss the annual WrestleCade event this year.

But Tessa Blanchard is only 22-years-old so she’ll be around for a while. So, if you miss seeing Tessa at WrestleCade this year, there’s always next time.

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