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WWE has big plans for Braun Strowman after his match with Roman Reigns

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WWE has big plans for Braun Strowman after his match with Roman Reigns

Braun Strowman’s loss to Roman Reigns had some fans wondering if WWE was starting to cool off on his push and booking him in the Andre The Giant battle royal during the pre-show did not do him any favors. However, they put a ton of heat on him on Monday when he attacked Roman Reigns and sent him to the hospital so it looks like Vince McMahon has not given up on Stowman. In fact, he may be over with fans as a babyface even though the company still wants to portray him as a heel.

The Wrestling Observer newsletter reports that Braun Strowman is scheduled to challenge Brock Lesnar, presumably for the WWE Universal Championship, in either June or July. Strowman already lost a match to Roman Reigns at the Fastlane pay-per-view in March so this could mean that he will defeat Reigns at the Payback show before moving on to his feud with Lesnar.

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Lesnar vs. Strowman will be an interesting feud. Both guys are portrayed as heels but fans want to cheer them. It seems too early to put the title on Strowman and the long-term plans are for Reigns vs. Lesnar so I would assume that Lesnar will retain the Universal Championship during his feud with Strowman. Lesnar is also scheduled to work more dates this year so there is no reason to take the title off of him anytime soon.


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