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WWE Network adding tons of ECW and Old-School content

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WWE Network adding tons of ECW and Old-School content

WWE Network is continuing their tradition of putting out the kind of content people have have been wanting to see. While there are still a few glaring holes in their content library like the Collision in Korea, they are putting some new content up that might excite a lot of people.

If you wanted to relive the days of WWE’s incarnation of ECW or dive deeper into wrestling history then now is your chance. WWE Network recently sent out promotional material proclaiming they are adding over 150 episodes to their library of programming.

The WWE ECW shows promise to include moments from guys like Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, and more. You can also experience the rise of CM Punk and the fall of so many more Superstars. Paul Burchill and his very affectionate sister Katie Lea are also in there somewhere and that was an amazing gimmick everyone needs to see.

WWE Network is also adding lots of content to their old-school library. This content will include matches dating back as far as 1973. You can experience famous bouts from Gorilla Monsoon, Bob Backlund, and more. You should also expect some great Madison Square Garden shows that every wrestling fan needs to see.

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For $9.99 a month WWE Network continues to be a great value.

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