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WWE provides an injury update on Shane McMahon

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WWE provides an injury update on Shane McMahon

The main event Hell in a Cell match on Sunday proved to be one of the most brutal matches on WWE TV in a long time. For those of you that missed it, Shane McMahon jumped off the top of the cell and crashed through a table when Sami Zayn pulled Kevin Owens out of harm’s way.

Owens was helped to the back by trainers and referees but McMahon was taken away on a stretcher. provided an update on his condition shortly after the show. They reported that he was taken to a local medical facility and a preliminary report indicated that he may be dealing with multiple injuries including neck trauma, fractured ribs, and a dislocated shoulder.

They also made a note to say that nothing has been confirmed but they will continue to monitor Shane’s condition. The update was written in WWE-speak so the injuries mentioned above were likely storyline. I don’t doubt that he was banged up and he’ll probably be off WWE TV for a couple of weeks but I will bet that he’ll be back in time to build towards the next big match.

On Talking Smack, AJ Styles said that he would be there for Shane when he was ready for revenge on Owens so it looks like the next big match, likely at Survivor Series, will be McMahon/Styles vs. Owens/Zayn.

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