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WWE Tag Team has online argument over action figures

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WWE Tag Team has online argument over action figures

It is true that a WWE tag team can have all the momentum in the world and then in the blink of an eye it can all be over. When that happened to the Hype Bros it didn’t set well with the fans. People were very upset to see Zack Ryder come down with a knee injury, especially his tag team partner Mojo Rawley.

The timing of Ryder’s injury was awful too. The Hype Bros were about to become the #1 contenders for Smackdown’s Tag Team Championships. Needless to say they were hyped and staying hyped, you know it bro.

Ever since Zack Ryder’s injury he’s been making the most of his time away from the ring as he rehabs. He’s taken a whirlwind vacation where he visited every Disney theme park in North America in a couple days, he’s been to a Backstreet Boys concert, and he’s had time to snap a few selfies with some WWE superstars that have come by to hang out and his girlfriend: TNA’s Chelsea Green. He also got his Z True Hollywood Stories show started back up, which was very exciting.

One thing about Zack Ryder is he’s a true fanboy So he’s a natural pick to do some unboxings. He loves action figures and has a stellar personal collection. WWE recently posted a video of him doing an unboxing and Mojo Rawley tweeted back at him saying he couldn’t believe they “used to” tag together. This might imply the Hype Bros are finished without an official break up on screen. But who knows what it could really mean.

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What happened next was a back-and-forth between Ryder and Rawley that some might consider playful banter. But there very well could be some underlying resentment there. Zack might be bitter about his injury and Mojo very well might not be happy about the fact he’s seemed to flounder ever since Long Island Iced Z had to leave due to injury (unless you count when he won that Battle Royal with the help of Gronk).

Whatever the reason for the tiff, we’re certainly excited about the idea of a Hype Bros battle pack.





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