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WWE plans to address the Stephanie McMahon-Randy Savage rumors

WWE plans to address the Stephanie McMahon-Randy Savage rumors

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Last week we noted that WWE is planning on doing a DVD/documentary for Macho Man Randy Savage. This would be a full blown documentary on Savage’s life and career. One of the things that will get people talking for sure is that WWE plans to address the Stephanie McMahon/Randy Savage rumors that have been going around for years, wrestlingnews.co has confirmed with a trusted WWE source. No one from WWE has commented publicly so this would be the first (and possibly last) time it’s addressed by them.

For those that don’t know the rumor, basically Randy Savage had an alleged relationship with Stephanie when she was 17 years old. Since no one has confirmed or denied the rumor, it’s taken on a life on it’s own. The speculation was that Vince did not find out until several years after Randy left the company. Lanny Poffo did come out this year and did address it.  The story he gave was that some of the bitterness Randy had towards Vince started in 1987 when the company held a legends battle royal on a house show and Vince opted not to use Angelo Poffo (Randy and Lanny’s father) on the card. Randy, according to Lanny, never forgot that and held on to some resentment since then. There was also some resentment from Randy because he was being used as an announcer/old timer towards the end of his run with the company and Randy felt that he had a lot more in his tank as an active performer.

However, the thing that caused the big rift between Vince and Randy (this is according to Lanny Poffo), was the Billionaire Ted skits in 1996. Randy took it personal and that’s when the big time heat started from Randy. In 2002 Randy released a video on his membership website ripping on Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. I believe that’s where the Stephanie-Savage rumors got started and like I mentioned, since no one confirmed or denied the rumors, they ended up taking a life of their own. Poffo also said that Randy did not want to go into the Hall of Fame unless the entire family was inducted. Part of that was because of how he felt his father was treated in 1987 and partly because he felt that if the Von Erich’s could go in as a family then they could induct the entire Poffo family. Lanny also revealed that Vince did reach out to Randy in 2010 but Randy declined the invitation.

You can read more on what Lanny said about the rumors and see the 2002 Randy Savage video by clicking here.


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