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AEW All Out results: FTR won the AEW World Tag Team Championship, Hangman and Kenny Omega split up?

In one of the most anticipated matches of the night, Hangman Page and Kenny Omega put their AEW World Tag Team Championship on the line against FTR at the All Out pay-per-view.

Notes written in real-time during the match:

Page is now wearing long tights that look better than his old gear. There were issues early on in the match when Page almost punched Omega by mistake. Omega shoved Page but then they got things back on track. Omega and Page dominated Wheeler for several minutes until Wheeler was finally able to tag out to Harwood.

Omega and Page worked well and there seemed to be no issues between them during double team moves. Lots of high impact moves and near falls as you would expect from these teams. Late in the match, Omega hit a reverse snap rana and Tiger Driver 98 on Wheeler but Wheeler was able to kick out. Omega followed up with the V-Trigger but Wheeler slipped out of the One-Winged Angel attempt and Kenny hit his knee on the top turnbuckle. Wheeler did a Dragon Screw on Omega and then Harwood locked in an inverted figure four leg lock.

FTR dominated Omega for several minutes and Omega would get some brief offense but FTR would take over again. At one point, Harwood shoved Omega into Page, who fell off the ring apron. Omega was finally able to tag out and Page got an offensive flurry, including a dive off the top and to FTR on the floor. FTR took over on offense with double diving headbutts off the top. They also did a bulldog with Kenny on Wheeler’s shoulders, similar to the Steiner Brothers bulldog. They did another Steiner bulldog to Page in the ring but Page kicked out of the pin attempt.

There was a crazy spot with Page doing an overhead slam off the top rope with Page turning so he could land on top of Wheeler but Wheeler barely kicked out of the pin attempt. Omega hit Page by accident with a knee to the face and then Wheeler hit Omega in the knees with a chop block. Omega couldn’t stand on the bad leg so FTR took advantage on Page. They hit him with the assisted spike piledriver but Page kicked out. Omega was taken out of the ring and FTR hit another spike piledriver on Page. FTR won the titles.

Great match. After the match, Omega teased hitting Page with a chair but he tossed it. Page fell down because he was so exhausted. Omega then walked off and Excalibur wondered if this was the end for them as a team. The cameras followed Omega backstage. He left the building with The Young Bucks and he could he heard saying “I’m done.” Omega was also heard saying that he wants a clean break as they walked towards Omega’s car. Omega gave them an ultimatum and then left.

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