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AEW All Out results: live coverage

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

AEW All Out
September 5, 2020
Daily's Place
Jacksonville, FL

We are live with AEW All Out coverage. As usual, we will have results posted here immediately after every match. Please remember to refresh this page or click here if you are not seeing the results in your browser.

The Buy In

The first half-hour of The Buy In consisted of video packages and interviews. Tony Schiavone and Excalibur called the action for the two Buy In matches.

Joey Janela (w/Sonny Kiss) vs. Serpentico (w/Luther)
Janela attacked Serpentico during his introduction. This was a good match, especially for the pre-show. Janela won after hitting the elbow off the top rope.

Private Party vs. Dark Order members 3 and 4 (John Silver and Alex Reynolds)
John Silver and Isaiah Kassidy started the match. There was an attempt at a double team by Silver and Reynolds when the ref's back was turned but Marq Quen got in the ring and he and Kassidy turned the tables on Silver and Reynolds. Quen was getting beat up for a few minutes until he was able to make the hot tag to Kassidy. Late in the match, Silver hit a nice looking helicopter into a powerbomb on Kassidy that almost led to a fall. There was another awesome sequence of moves that led to Silver hitting a German Suplex while Reynolds did a somersault into a pinning combination on Quen but Quen was able to kick out. Private Party was able to squeak out a win after hitting the Gin and Juice. Good match.

The announcers ran down the main card and then Jim Ross was introduced.

Main Card

Tooth and Nail Match
Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. vs. Big Swole

This match took place at Baker's dentist's office. Swole arrived at the main desk and she was Rebel so she attacked her and got her out of the way so she could look for Baker. Swole went into a room with a bunch of mini chattering teeth as Baker walked up behind her and smashed a framed diploma over Swole's head. The "match" officially got started here.

Baker tried to perform a molar extraction but Swole hit Baker with a metal pan. Rebel also got hit with the pan. The match continued outside of the building and Swole pushed Baker into a bunch of boxes. Rebel was back to help Baker as Swole and Baker battled on the bed of a Rolls Royce. They also battled on the top of a dumpster and Baker hit the DDT on Swole on the top of the dumpster.

The match continued back inside of the dentist's office and Baker hit a swinging neck breaker on the fall for a near fall. They traded some stiff uppercuts and kicks in a hallway and Swole almost got a near fall. They went into another room and Baker tried to use a drill on Swole but Swole moved and the drill went through a chair. Baker then tried to use novocaine on Swole but Swole turned it around on her and injected the novocaine into Baker's leg. Swole hit the Dirty Dancing and then she put her to sleep with gas. That was a quick "match."

The Young Bucks vs. Jurassic Express

Matt and Nick Jackson still have the serious demeanor because of the recent events with FTR and Hangman Page. A couple of minutes into the match, Matt did a locomotion (consecutive suplex sequences) on Jungle Boy in the ring and then they went over the top of the ring. Jungle Boy took a beating from Nick and Matt for several minutes and the announcers kept pointing out how aggressive The Bucks have been.

Nick kicked Luchasaurus in the face as Jungle Boy tried to make the hot tag. Matt and Nick were acting heelish at times during the match. Luchasaurus finally made the tag and took out both Matt and Nick. The high-risk stuff picked up as the match progressed including a spot where Luchasaurus did a flip off the ring apron onto Matt and Nick at ringside. The Bucks fought back with a powerbomb to Jungle Boy on the ring apron and a facebuster in the ring to Luhasaurus. At ringside, Matt kicked Marko's crutch and then he superkicked him. Nick hit a Swanton on Jungle Boy as Matt held up with Jungle Boy's legs on the second rope. Jungle Boy barely kicked out of the pin attempt. The Bucks tried the BTE trigger but Jungle Boy moved out of the way. Jungle Boy hit a Poison Rana on Matt and a double team slam move for a near fall. Luchasaurus did a dive onto Nick into the "crowd" and in the ring Matt caught Jungle Boy with a kick into a near fall. Matt and Nick then superkicked Jungle Boy but Jungle Boy kicked out of the pin attempt. The Bucks hit the BTE trigger (double knees to the head) on Jungle Boy and Matt got the pin.

21-Man Casino Battle Royale

The winner of this match will get a future AEW World Championship match. The groups come out at 3-minute intervals.

Shawn Spears, who was in the final group, decided to go to the announcer's table to talk for a while before getting in the ring. Matt Sydal was the wild card. He immediately tried a shooting star off the top on Hobbs but he slipped off the buckle and he crashed hard.

Starks was eliminated by Allin after Cage accidentally nailed Starks. Starks then attacked Allin at ringside. Cage poured thumbtacks in a body bag then he stuffed Allin into the bag and then he tossed him over the top rope and onto the stage to eliminate him. Sydal took a spinebuster onto Thumbtakcs from Will Hobbs and then we got to see a hoss fight between Lance Archer and Brian Cage.

Sydal, Butcher, Kingston, and Archer were the final four men in the match. Archer won the match by tossing Kingston off the top rope and to onto Butcher and Blade at ringside.

Order of entry:

1. Trent
2. Christopher Daniels
3. Jake Hager
4. The Blade
5. Rey Fenix

1. Frankie Kazarian
2. Will Hobbs
3. Chuck Taylor
4. Santana
5. Ortiz

1. Billy Gunn
2. Penta El Zero M
3. Ricky Starks
4. Brian Cage
5. Darby Allin

1. Shawn Spears
2. Eddie Kingston
3. The Butcher
4. Sonny Kiss
5. Lance Archer

Joker card: Matt Sydal

Order of elimination:

The Blade (eliminated by Hobbs)
Christopher Daniels (eliminated by Hager)
Billy Gunn (eliminated by Cage)
Fenix (eliminated by Allin)
Taylor (eliminated by Ortiz)
Hager (eliminated by Kiss)
Kiss (eliminated by Cage)
Santana (eliminated by Trent)
Trent (eliminated by Archer)
Ortiz (eliminated by Archer)
Penta El Zero M (eliminated by Kazarian)
Starks (eliminated by Allin)
Allin (eliminated by Cage)
Spears (eliminated by Sydal)
Hobbs (by Archer)
Cage (by Archer)
Butcher (by Sydal)
Sydal (by Kingston)
Kingston (by Archer)

Broken Rules Match - if Matt loses, he leaves AEW
Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara

The match started near the Jaguars football field and they brawled in the backstage area in between Daily's Place and the Jags stadium. Early in the match, there was a spot where Matt and Sammy fell off a forklift and they crashed through a table. The announcers said Matt hit the back of his head. This is basically a Last Man Standing Match with no rules and no rope breaks.

Matt had trouble getting on his feet after hitting his head and the match was stopped. Hardy got back up and said that he still wanted to fight Sammy. Justin Roberts announced that there must be a winner so the match continued as scheduled.

Matt and Sammy fought their way back towards the arena. Both men claimed up 15 feet in the air on a piece of the set and Sammy fell off of it and through the stage. Matt won because Sammy couldn't answer the 10-count. This was not a good match.

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AEW Women's World Championship
Hikaru Shida (Champion) vs. Thunder Rosa

Very intense and fast-paced action to start things off for this match. After a few minutes, Shida set up a chair at ringside to use as a launchpad but Thunder Rosa charged and hit Shida with a running dropkick. Rosa then did a surfboard move over the ring post and then a running kick to the head. Rosa also got Shida in a hanging pendulum submission and then she tried the stretch muffler submission but Shida fought out of it. Rosa dominated the match for several minutes.

Shida finally started to get some offense when she hit a jumping knee strike, a suplex and a running kick. Late in the match, Shida tried to suplex Rosa to the outside but Rosa countered into a Death Valley Driver onto the apron. Moments later, Shida turned things around with a suplex and then a Meteora (double knees) onto Rosa outside of the ring on the ramp that leads to the ring.

Very late in the match, Shida hit a Falcon Arrow but Rosa kicked out at 1. Shida tried the move again but Rosa countered into a pin attempt. Shida then tried to lock in the stretch muffler submission but Rosa got to the bottom rope. Rose fought back with strikes to the face and the backstabber.

Shida retained the title after hitting a backbreaker and running knee to the face. Very good match.

During a backstage segment during the AEW All Out pay-per-view, Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford announced that they are getting married.

The wedding will take place on a future episode of AEW Dynamite but first, there needs to be a bachelor party.

This Wednesday night, Sabian will announce his best man...THE best ban, he said. It looks like they will stretch this out to build towards a big rating on a future Dynamite since people tend to tune in for weddings.

At the end of the segment, Sabian promoted his Twitch account and a message flashed on the screen saying that AEW approved of this. That was an obvious shot at WWE.

The Dark Order (Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson) vs. Matt Cardona, Scorpio Sky, and The Natural Nightmares

The match started out with everyone fighting at the same time until things began to settle down a few seconds later. Cardona took a beating for several minutes until finally making the hot tag to Dustin. At 10 minutes into the match, Dustin hit a flurry of moves on several of the Dark Order members, including a Destroyer on Cabana.

Sky tagged in but Anna Jay got in the ring but Jay took a kick to the face from Brandi Rhodes. It was Sky vs. Lee for a couple of minutes. Grayson had to restrain Jay at ringside. Later in the match, Brodie tossed QT Marshall towards Dustin so he could get Dustin in the ring. Dustin got some brief offense but Brodie took him out with a nasty Lariat. Brodie then tagged Colt and Colt missed a moonsault and Dustin rolled him up for the win.

Excalibur noted that Brodie could have won the match but Colt had to get that one extra move in and that cost them the match. Brodie was furious at ringside.

Brodie yelled at Cabana and then he stormed off. Evil Uno helped Cabana up to his feet.

Dustin gave a passionate post-match interview in the backstage area. Dustin was told that he would challenge Brodie Lee for the TNT Championship this Wednesday on Dynamite.

AEW World Tag Team Championship
Kenny Omega and Hangman Page (Champions) vs. FTR

Page is now wearing long tights that look better than his old gear. There were issues early on in the match when Page almost punched Omega by mistake. Omega shoved Page but then they got things back on track. Omega and Page dominated Wheeler for several minutes until Wheeler was finally able to tag out to Harwood.

Omega and Page worked well and there seemed to be no issues between them during double team moves. Lots of high impact moves and near falls as you would expect from these teams. Late in the match, Omega hit a reverse snap rana and Tiger Driver 98 on Wheeler but Wheeler was able to kick out. Omega followed up with the V-Trigger but Wheeler slipped out of the One-Winged Angel attempt and Kenny hit his knee on the top turnbuckle. Wheeler did a Dragon Screw on Omega and then Harwood locked in an inverted figure four leg lock.

FTR dominated Omega for several minutes and Omega would get some brief offense but FTR would take over again. At one point, Harwood shoved Omega into Page, who fell off the ring apron. Omega was finally able to tag out and Page got an offensive flurry, including a dive off the top and to FTR on the floor. FTR took over on offense with double diving headbutts off the top. They also did a bulldog with Kenny on Wheeler's shoulders, similar to the Steiner Brothers bulldog. They did another Steiner bulldog to Page in the ring but Page kicked out of the pin attempt.

There was a crazy spot with Page doing an overhead slam off the top rope with Page turning so he could land on top of Wheeler but Wheeler barely kicked out of the pin attempt. Omega hit Page by accident with a knee to the face and then Wheeler hit Omega in the knees with a chop block. Omega couldn't stand on the bad leg so FTR took advantage on Page. They hit him with the assisted spike piledriver but Page kicked out. Omega was taken out of the ring and FTR hit another spike piledriver on Page. FTR won the titles.

Great match. After the match, Omega teased hitting Page with a chair but he tossed it. Page fell down because he was so exhausted. Omega then walked off and Excalibur wondered if this was the end for them as a team. The cameras followed Omega backstage. He left the building with The Young Bucks and he could he heard saying "I'm done." Omega was also heard saying that he wants a clean break as they walked towards Omega's car. Omega gave them an ultimatum and then left.

Mimosa Mayhem Match
Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy

They had vats of Mimosa set up on both sides of the ring. In the opening seconds, Cassidy charged at Jericho and Jericho immediately hit a Code Breaker into a near fall. There was a close call when Jericho did a slingshot move that took Cassidy over the top rope and almost into the Mimosa. Jericho then tossed a table at Cassidy's head and then he broke a cocktail tray over his head.

Cassidy shoved Jericho off the platform and then splashed him off the platform. Cassidy then sent Jericho into the barricade but Jericho fought back with chairshots to the body. They continued fighting on the second platform near the Mimosa vat and Jericho powerbombed Cassidy through a table. Jericho was about to use a baseball bat but Cassidy caught him with a superkick to the jaw. Cassidy also hit him in the head with a champagne bucket that knocked Jericho back in the ring. The action continued in the ring but there were a couple of times when Cassidy almost fell in the Mimosa.

Cassidy continued on offense until Jericho was able to counter into a Walls of Jericho. Cassidy was able to get to the ropes but there's no rope breaks in this match. Cassidy was able to grab a glass of Mimosa and he tossed it in Jericho's face to break the hold. Cassidy hit the Superman punch and then he tossed Jericho over the top but Jericho didn't go all the way into the Mimosa.

There were some more near falls, Jericho tried to lawn dart Cassidy into the Mimosa but Cassidy stopped him. Jericho tried to do a Razor's Edge off the ropes but Cassidy slipped out and Superman punched Jericho. Jericho fell into the Mimosa so Cassidy won the match.

AEW Full Gear announced for Saturday, November 7.

AEW World Championship - Paradigm Shift is banned
Jon Moxley (Champion) vs. MJF

Early on, there was some basic wrestling and then Moxley tried to get MJF to the outside of the ring but MJF was not taking the bait because he wanted to keep the match inside of the ring. After a couple of minutes, Mox finally hit a Tope Suicida on MJF outside of the ring. Mox followed up by crouching MJF on the barricade and then a clothesline.

The match continued in the ring and just as Wardlow was about to interfere, the ref backed him off and MJF slammed Moxley's elbow on the ring apron. MJF continued to work on the elbow. MJF continued on offense for a few minutes until the action spilled to ringside and Mox slingshotted MJF into the ring post. MJF's face was filled with blood after that spot.

Back at ringside, Mox delivered a sidewalk slam to the floor on MJF and Mox''s shoulder was still bothering him. Mox hit a Gotch style piledriver in the ring but MJF kicked out of the pin attempt. Mox tried a suplex off the top but MJF bit his hand and then MJF jumped off the top and viciously landed on Mox's bad arm. Both men traded punches, but MJF chopped his throat and then kicked his face and body but Mox came back with a release German suplex and clothesline. Mox stood over MJF, who then spit at Mox's face. That promoted Mox to try the Paradigm Shift but he had to stop because it would be a DQ. MJF capitalized on the hesitation and put Mox's bad arm in an armbar but Mox got his foot on the bottom rope so the hold was broken.

MJF hit the heatseeker piledriver but Mox kicked out of the pin attempt. MJF tried another heatseeker but Mox turned into an Air Raid crash but MJF kicked out of the pin attempt. Both men traded forearms and punches while they were on their knees, then they traded headbutts and slaps to the face and Mox hit knees to the body and headbutts. Mox was charging but MJF pulled the ref in the way and then a thumb to the face into a backslide into a pin attempt. Mox locked in a sleeper hold as more blood poured out of MJF's face. MJF hit a low blow as the ref wasn't looking, Mox kicked out of the pin attempt. MJF hit Cross Rhodes into a pin but Mox kicked out. The ref was distracted and Wardlow threw the Dynamite Diamond but Mox hit the Paradigm Shift and he pinned MJF. The ref did not see the Paradigm Shift.