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AEW All Out results: Minoru Suzuki makes a shocking appearance to fight Jon Moxley

In the second match on the main card of AEW All Out, Jon Moxley faced off against Satoshi Kojima.

The match started out with Kojima hitting a shoulder block and then hitting a dive onto Moxley after Moxley rolled out of the ring. Moments later, Moxley got the upper hand and he hit a dive through the ropes onto Kojima. He followed up with chops in the corner of the ring.

Kojima fought back and hit machine gun chops in the corner. They did a spot with Kojima biting the forehead as Moxley sat on the top rope. Kojima then followed up with a super plex. Moments later, Mox locked in a rear naked choke and then followed up with a slam and cross arm breaker.

Mox tried a Paradigm Shift but Kojima countered into a brainbuster and pin pattempt. Mox fought back and hit a fisherman suplex and forearm shots to the chest. Kojima and Mox both hit a forearm shot and Mox hit a high knee to the face but Kojima hit a lariat and Koji Cutter and was not able to make the pin. Both men traded punches and forearms. Mox hit a clothesline into a pin attempt.

Mox locked in the bulldog choke but Kojima got his foot on the bottom rope. Kojima fought back with Mongolian chops, Mox with a head butt and then the Paradigm shift. Mox hit a second one and then pinned Kojima for the win.

After the match, Minoru Suzuki’s music played. He walked out to the ring and they traded punches. Suzuki hit a forearm and Mox hit a King Kong lariat but Suzuki no-sold it. Suzuki locked in the rear naked choke, followed by the Gotch style piledriver to leave Mox laying.

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