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AEW Double Or Nothing: Dr. Britt Baker is the new AEW Women’s World Champion

Hikaru Shida and Dr. Britt Baker DMD faced off for the AEW Women’s World Championship at Double Or Nothing in Jacksonville, FL.

They started the match out with a lot of mat wrestling. Baker was super serious during her intro and fans were split between DMD and Shida chants.

Shida did her trademark knee strike by using the chair as a springboard and she dove onto both Baker and Rebel at ringside. As the match got back in the ring, Baker took control after hitting Shida with the curb stomp. Shida came back at Baker with punches and consecutive knee strikes in the corner of the ring.

Moments later, Baker tried another stomp but Shida countered into the stretch muffler and Baker made it to the bottom rope. Baker fought back with the sling blade and the Air Rade crash but Shida kicked out of the pin attempt. Baker tried to get the lock jaw locked in but Shida rolled out of it. Shida hit a German suplex and a diving elbow strike into a near fall. Shida tried a Death Valley Driver off the top but Baker slipped off onto the apron. Shida then hit a superplex off the top but Baker kicked out of the pin attempt. Shida tried the DVD again but Baker rolled her up for a pin attempt. Shida locked in the stretch muffler but Rebel caused a distraction. Rebel accidentally hit Baker with the crutch and Shida then hit the falcon arrow but Baker kicked out.

Rebel tried to interfere again, Britt then curbstomped Shida on the belt but Shida kicked out. Baker tried the lock jaw but Shida rolled through into a pin attempt. Shida hit a jumping knee strike and a Tamashii but Baker kicked out of the pin attempt. Baker tried a roll up but Shida kicked out. Baker finally got the lock jaw and Shida tapped.

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