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AEW Double Or Nothing results: Insane Stadium Stampede match closes out the show

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

In the final match of the night, The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz) took on The Elite (Adam Page, Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) and Matt Hardy in the Stadium Stampede match at AEW Double Or Nothing.

Here is real-time coverage typed up as the match was happening...

There was a ring set up in the middle of the field with Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders on the sideline. They did full entrances with fire and pyro. Justin Roberts apparently recorded ring introductions from his home because he was not in Jacksonville. Hangman Adam Page did not come out during the introductions.

The match started when everyone charged at each other with weapons in their hand and there were brawls taking place in different parts of the field. Page showed up on a horse and he chased Guevara into the backstage tunnel area. As the chaos continued on the field, some traditional wrestling was happening in the ring. Guevara was able to make it away from Page and back out to the ring to help his Inner Circle teammates.

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The action spilled back onto the field and this led to a crazy spot with Nick Jackson hitting a moonsault off the goal post onto Guevara and Jericho. Omega, Santana and Ortiz brawled up through the stadium seats as the other wrestlers brawled in other parts of the stadium. The stadium cut back to the halls of the stadium to show Page on top of the horse and still looking for Guevara. Page decided to get off the horse so he could go to the bar.

Omega took salt in the eyes from Ortiz and that allowed Ortiz and Santana to double powerbomb Omega through a barricade and onto concrete. Santana and Ortiz tossed Hardy into a pool. They tried to drown him but Hardy popped up and emerged as "Matter of Fact" Hardy. They tried to drown Hardy again but he popped up as Broken Matt. They got out of the water and Hardy backdropped Santana onto Ortiz through a table and then Hardy rang a giant bell that Ortiz was under, causing Ortiz's ears to ring. Hardy then taped Ortiz to a wheel chair and then continued fighting Santana around the stadium. Hardy shoved Santana into an ice cooler and locked him in. The camera cut to Hager looking for Page. Hager found Page at the bar and sat next to him. A fight broke out at the bar and Hager threw Page over a pool table but Page fought back with a hard shot with a pool cue but Hager no sold it and tried to toss Page onto the bar but Page moonsaulted off the bar but Hager picked up and slammed Page onto the pool table. They did a spot that has been done in tons of movies where Hager drove Page headfirst through a bunch of drinks sitting on the bar.

Omega made it to the bar to help Page. They smashed several bottles over Hager's head followed by a knee to the face from Omega and the Buckshot Lariat from Page as Page and Omega then decided to have drinks. They cut back to the field where Matt Jackson and Sammi Guevara were fighting. Matt hit the locomotion northern lights suplex on Sammi as they cut to Jericho and Nick Jackson fighting on the sidelines. They cut back to Matt hitting locomotions and he was up to mid-field by this point. The Jaguars mascot Jackson Deville appeared and took a Judas Effect to the face from Jericho. They cut back to Matt still hitting the locomotion on Sammi at 100 yards. They cut back to Jericho hitting Nick with a bat but Jericho challenged ref Edwards call because he thinks he had the pinfall.

Ref Edwards reviewed the call and said the call on the field stands so the match continues. They cut to Matt hitting the locomotion in the endzone but Matt was hit with an excessive celebration penalty. Matt hit the ref with a superkick. They cut back to Jericho and Nick near a table. Matt attacked Jericho, Nick ran up into the seats and then ran back down and then hit a splash onto Jericho through a table. Page appeared with a line marker...the line went through Jericho's face and crotch. Sammi tried to crawl over to Jericho as the sprinklers turned on right in his face. Sami celebrated as if he had won the match but Matt Hardy appeared in a golf cart along with Omega. They chased Sami again like they did on Dynamite but Sami was able to escape into the seats but Omega and Hardy chased after him. Sammi got his hands on Hardy but a new drone, Neo 1, appeared and Omega hit a v-trigger on Guevara and the Angel's Wings from the seats through a stage area. Omega got the pin to win the match for his team.

The show closed with a Gatorade bath and fireworks.

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