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AEW Double Or Nothing results: Jon Moxley vs. Brodie Lee

In the first of two main events, Jon Moxley put his AEW World Championship on the line against Mr. Brodie Lee.

This match got off to a fast start with Moxley hitting a rope suicida in the opening seconds and Lee countering with a suplex on the floor at ringside. Lee hit his own tope suicida on Moxley just moments later. Lee also hit a back supplied on Moxley onto a barricade at ringside.

Back in the ring, they traded punches and forearms and Mox hit a running knee but Lee hit a boot to the face. Mox hit hard slap to the face but Lee countered with a suplex. Mox countered with a suplex and a Gotch style piledriver but Lee kicked out of the pin attempt. There was also a brutal looking backdrop from Mox to Lee off the steel steps onto a table by the ringside area.

As they made it back to the ring, Lee hit a superplexed and came close to pinning Mox. They went back to ringside and Lee hit a release suplex into a piece of the set. Back in the ring, Lee hit a boot to the face and sitdown powerbomb but Mox kicked out of the pin attempt.

As they made their way to the stage area, Mox hit Lee with a poker chip from the set to the face. Mox hit a Paradigm Shift and they both crashed through the stage. Trainers and doctors went to check on them as Mox was able to pull himself out of the hole and back in the ring. Brodie emerged from the hole with blood coming out of his head. Lee went for his finisher but Mox hit the Paradigm shift and Lee kicked out. Mox hit knees to the head and another Paradigm Shift but Lee kicked out again. Moxley locked in a sleeper and forced Lee to fall asleep. Mox retained the title.

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