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AEW Double Or Nothing results: live coverage

AEW Double Or Nothing
May 23, 2020
Daily’s Place
Jacksonville, FL

We are live with ongoing results for AEW Double Or Nothing. Due to the pandemic, the show was moved from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida.

As always, be sure to refresh this page several times throughout the night for updated results or click here if you are not seeing the updates.

The Buy-In (Pre-Show)
Private Party vs. Best Friends
Taz and Excalibur called the action. Best Friends won the match with the Strong Zero off the top. Trent pinned Marq Quen.

The cut to Arn Anderson backstage interviewing Arn Anderson. Jim Ross was introduced. Vickie Guerrero was among the people sitting by the ringside area as part of the “fans” in attendance.

Main Card

The opening video featured AEW stars saying thank you to all of the first responders. They also showed a graphic for Shad Gaspard.

Before the Casino Ladder Match got started, they showed some pre-taped interviews from some of the competitors in the match.

Casino Ladder Match – winner gets a future title AEW World Championship match
Darby Allin vs. Colt Cabana vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Joey Janela vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Kip Sabian vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Luchasaurus vs. TBA

Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian fought for the first 2 minutes of the match. Kip Sabian entered the match and he took advantage of the No DQ rule but having Jimmy Havoc help him beat up Kaz and Sky. There was a scary spot where Havoc attempted something off the top and he missed and fell and hit the back of his head on a ladder. Darby Allin was the next entrant and he took out everyone since he was the fresh one in the match. Allin did an insane spot where he jumped off the top of the ladder with his skateboard under him. The goal was to go through Kazarian through a table but Kaz moved out of the way and Allin crashed through the ladder.

Orange Cassidy was the next person in the match. Cassidy went to the announcers to ask them how to win this match. Colt Cabana was the next person in the match as Cassidy tried to figure out how to set up a ladder in the ring. Joey Janela was the seventh entrant and he took everyone out before trying to climb the ladder to grab the chip. Janela was taken out by a chair shot from Scorpio Sky. Luchasaurus was the eighth entrant. He took everyone out and tossed Sabian onto a pile at ringside. Luchasaurus also chokeslammed Kazarian onto a ladder bridge in the corner of the ring. Allin was back up and he hit a Code Red off the middle rope onto Luchasaurus but Allin was still favoring his knee.

The ninth entrant was Brian Cage. He was accompanied by Taz and the announcers wondered if Taz was his coach or manager. Cage destroyed everyone in the match and he climbed the ladder with Cassidy on his back as the other wrestlers got back in the ring. It took everyone to pull Cage off the ladder. Cage was finally taken out of the action with a ladder and steel post to the face and then he was buried by chairs and the chips that were used as props.

Cassidy was close to grabbing the chip that was hanging above the ladder but Havoc interfered. Best Friends ran in to help Cassidy. Marko Stunt appeared in the match to help out Luchasaurus. Janela then hit a Death Valley Driver on Cassidy onto the chip at ringside that had Cage underneath it. Sky and Taz fought on top of the ladder but were pushed off by Luchasaurus. Cage was able to power out of the items that were on him and he got back into the match and he went back-and-forth with Luchasaurus in an excellent offensive exchange. Cage finally got the upperhand by powerbombing Luchasaurus into a ladder in the corner of the ring. Taz appeared again to shout instructions to Cage on his assault on Allin. Cage picked up a ladder with Allin on it and then tossed it with Darby onto the floor at ringside.

Cage climbed the ladder to grab the chip. He will get a future title shot.

Order of entry:
Frankie Kazarian
Scorpio Sky
Kip Sabian
Darby Allin
Orange Cassidy
Colt Cabana
Joey Janela

MJF vs. Jungle Boy

There was a back-and-forth exchange for a couple of minutes but Jungle Boy got the upper hand until MJF went down with a knee injury. Dr. Sampson checked on MJF but it turned out that MJF was fine and as Jungle Boy was turned around, MJF got up and attacked him.

MJF was on offense for a while but Jungle Boy fought his way back while favoring his left arm. The pace picked up as Jungle Boy hit three consecutive top suicidas to MJF from the ring to the outside. Moments later, they were back in the ring and they traded chops to the chest and that was followed by a Destroyer from MJF and then an STF submission but he lost the grip because of his bad arm. MJF bit Jungle Boy’s arm and then hit a package piledriver but Jungle Boy kicked out of the pin attempt.

There was a scary-looking reverse hurricanrana from Jungle Boy that caused the back of MJF’s head to hit the ring apron. Jungle Boy could have won the match via countout but he brought MJF into the ring. Jungle Boy tried a move off the top but MJF grabbed the referee’s leg and she was knocked into the rope and that caused MJF to lose his balance. MJF recovered and got up to the rope with Junge Boy but Jungle Boy hit a powerbomb off the top rope. MJF kicked out of the pin attempt.

There were several roll up counters but MJF got the win by pinning Jungle Boy. This was a great wrestling match.

AEW TNT Championship tournament finals – Title presented by Mike Tyson
Cody Rhodes (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Lance Archer (w/Jake Roberts)

Archer brought a wrestler out from the back and chokeslammed him in the ring during his entrance. Archer was accompanied to the ring by Jake Roberts and Rhodes was accompanied by Arn Anderson. Tony Schiavone noted that the belt is not complete because of the pandemic and gold plating will be added to the sides at a later time.

This was hard-hitting from the start. They spilled out to ringside in the first few minutes and Archer lifted Cody from a platform and tossed him to the ringside floor. Cody continued to take a beating for several more minutes, except for a couple of spots where he briefly was able to fight back. They showed Tyson at ringside several times and one of those times the camera caught him yawning.

There was an insane spot where Archer picked up Cody and military pressed him over the ring and over the post and to the floor and Cody landed hard on the ringside floor. Archer continued to beat on Cody for several more minutes with 90 percent of the offense in the match belonging to Archer. Cody was finally able to lock in an face lock submission but the ref broke it up because he used Archer’s hair braid around his face. Jake tried to get involved as Cody hit a DDT on Archer. Archer got back on offense but he got distracted by Arn and Cody took advantage of that with a kick to the head and a cutter off the top rope. Archer kicked out at one.

Cody was finally able to get a flurry of offense on Archer with punches and the Dusty elbow and the Cross Rhodes but Archer kicked out of it. Cody hit a Stinger Splash but Archer hit back with a chokeslam that Cody kicked out of. Arn knocked Archer off the top rope as the referee was talking to Jake. Cody hit an avalanche reverse suplex off the top and it looked like Archer could have been hurt. The ref was told by Tyson about Arn Anderson’s actions so Arn was tossed out. Jake was tossed out too by the ref. Archer hit a belly to back suplex. Jake returned with the snake in the bag but Tyson stood up to stop him from making it to the ring. Cody was able to get up and hit two consecutive Cross Rhodes to win the title.

Backstage update on Dr. Britt Baker’s injury from Dr. Dampson…Britt Baker’s knee injury is significant. Baker will announce her return timetable this Wednesday night on Dynamite.

Penelope Ford vs. Kris Statlander

Kip Sabian was at ringside in the corner for Ford and he was taped up and on crutches to sell the injuries from the Casino Ladder Match. Ford got most of the offense for the first few minutes but Statlander fought back with a hard forearm that knocked Ford out of the ring. Statlander followed up with a tope suicida through the ropes onto Ford and Sabian at ringside.

Statlander won the match by pinning Ford after hitting the Big Bang Theory (a version of the package piledriver).

Dustin Rhodes vs. Shawn Spears

Spears walked out to the ring with a suit on because he assumed that Rhodes would not show up because he’s retired. Rhodes’ music played but he didn’t come out and Spears smiled because he fooled everyone.

Spears asked Aubrey Edwards to count out Rhodes because this is still considered an official match. However, Rhodes’ music played again and Brandi showed up on the stage and then Dustin appeared behind Spears in the ring and the match got started.

Dustin ripped Spears’ clothes throughout this match until he was in his underwear. Dustin won the match after hitting the Final Reckoning (Curtain Call). This was a short match.

They showed a graphic for Hana Kimra, who passed away yesterday at the age of 22.

AEW Women’s Championship – No Disqualification
Nyla Rose (Champion) vs. Hikaru Shida

Rose used a kendo stick immediately in the first moments into the match. Rose got in most of the early offense, including putting Shida through a casino table at ringside. The went back into the ring but the actions spilled to ringside again moments later with Shida on offense.

Shida hit a hip throw on Nyla onto the giant poker chips and then followed up with a running knee off the ship an into Rose that drove her into another chip. They got back in the ring and Shida continued on offense with several kendo stick shots to the body and a suplex onto the stick. Shida hit a running knee but Rose kicked out of the pin attempt.

Rose came back with a powerslam but she was too winded to try for a pin. Nyla also hit a powerbomb through a table in the corner of the ring but Shida was able to kick out of the pin attempt. Rose then hit a Death Valley Driver and then hit Shida with kendo stick shots. Nyla then went to the top rope but Shida got up and threw the stick at Rose and then she hit a superplex off the top. Nyla barely kicked out of the pin attempt. Shida hit a running knee strike but Nyla broke the pin by getting her shoulder up. Shida hit a brutal stick shot to the side of Nyla’s head and she followed up with a running knee to the face. Shida got the pin and won the title.

AEW World Championship
Jon Moxley (Champion) vs. Mr. Brodie Lee

This match got off to a fast start with Moxley hitting a rope suicida in the opening seconds and Lee countering with a suplex on the floor at ringside. Lee hit his own tope suicida on Moxley just moments later. Lee also hit a back supplied on Moxley onto a barricade at ringside.

Back in the ring, they traded punches and forearms and Mox hit a running knee but Lee hit a boot to the face. Mox hit hard slap to the face but Lee countered with a suplex. Mox countered with a suplex and a Gotch style piledriver but Lee kicked out of the pin attempt. There was also a brutal looking backdrop from Mox to Lee off the steel steps onto a table by the ringside area.

As they made it back to the ring, Lee hit a superplexed and came close to pinning Mox. They went back to ringside and Lee hit a release suplex into a piece of the set. Back in the ring, Lee hit a boot to the face and sitdown powerbomb but Mox kicked out of the pin attempt.

As they made their way to the stage area, Mox hit Lee with a poker chip from the set to the face. Mox hit a Paradigm Shift and they both crashed through the stage. Trainers and doctors went to check on them as Mox was able to pull himself out of the hole and back in the ring. Brodie emerged from the hole with blood coming out of his head. Lee went for his finisher but Mox hit the Paradigm shift and Lee kicked out. Mox hit knees to the head and another Paradigm Shift but Lee kicked out again. Moxley locked in a sleeper and forced Lee to fall asleep. Mox retained the title.

Stadium Stampede Match
The Elite and Matt Hardy vs. The Inner Circle

There was a ring set up in the middle of the field with Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders on the sideline. They did full entrances with fire and pyro. Justin Roberts apparently recorded ring introductions from his home because he was not in Jacksonville. Hangman Adam Page did not come out during the introductions.

The match started when everyone charged at each other with weapons in their hand and there were brawls taking place in different parts of the field. Page showed up on a horse and he chased Guevara into the backstage tunnel area. As the chaos continued on the field, some traditional wrestling was happening in the ring. Guevara was able to make it away from Page and back out to the ring to help his Inner Circle teammates.

The action spilled back onto the field and this led to a crazy spot with Nick Jackson hitting a moonsault off the goal post onto Guevara and Jericho. Omega, Santana and Ortiz brawled up through the stadium seats as the other wrestlers brawled in other parts of the stadium. The stadium cut back to the halls of the stadium to show Page on top of the horse and still looking for Guevara. Page decided to get off the horse so he could go to the bar.

Omega took salt in the eyes from Ortiz and that allowed Ortiz and Santana to double powerbomb Omega through a barricade and onto concrete. Santana and Ortiz tossed Hardy into a pool. They tried to drown him but Hardy popped up and emerged as “Matter of Fact” Hardy.  They tried to drown Hardy again but he popped up as Broken Matt. They got out of the water and Hardy backdropped Santana onto Ortiz through a table and then Hardy rang a giant bell that Ortiz was under, causing Ortiz’s ears to ring. Hardy then taped Ortiz to a wheel chair and then continued fighting Santana around the stadium. Hardy shoved Santana into an ice cooler and locked him in. The camera cut to Hager looking for Page. Hager found Page at the bar and sat next to him. A fight broke out at the bar and Hager threw Page over a pool table but Page fought back with a hard shot with a pool cue but Hager no sold it and tried to toss Page onto the bar but Page moonsaulted off the bar but Hager picked up and slammed Page onto the pool table. They did a spot that has been done in tons of movies where Hager drove Page headfirst through a bunch of drinks sitting on the bar.

Omega made it to the bar to help Page. They smashed several bottles over Hager’s head followed by a knee to the face from Omega and the Buckshot Lariat from Page as Page and Omega then decided to have drinks. They cut back to the field where Matt Jackson and Sammi Guevara were fighting. Matt hit the locomotion northern lights suplex on Sammi as they cut to Jericho and Nick Jackson fighting on the sidelines. They cut back to Matt hitting locomotions and he was up to mid-field by this point. The Jaguars mascot Jackson Deville appeared and took a Judas Effect to the face from Jericho. They cut back to Matt still hitting the locomotion on Sammi at 100 yards. They cut back to Jericho hitting Nick with a bat but Jericho challenged ref Edwards call because he thinks he had the pinfall.

Ref Edwards reviewed the call and said the call on the field stands so the match continues. They cut to Matt hitting the locomotion in the endzone but Matt was hit with an excessive celebration penalty. Matt hit the ref with a superkick. They cut back to Jericho and Nick near a table. Matt attacked Jericho, Nick ran up into the seats and then ran back down and then hit a splash onto Jericho through a table. Page appeared with a line marker…the line went through Jericho’s face and crotch. Sammi tried to crawl over to Jericho as the sprinklers turned on right in his face.  Sami celebrated as if he had won the match but Matt Hardy appeared in a golf cart along with Omega. They chased Sami again like they did on Dynamite but Sami was able to escape into the seats but Omega and Hardy chased after him. Sammi got his hands on Hardy but a new drone, Neo 1, appeared and Omega hit a v-trigger on Guevara and the Angel’s Wings from the seats through a stage area. Omega got the pin to win the match for his team.

The show closed with a Gatorade bath and fireworks.

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