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AEW Double Or Nothing results: live coverage

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

AEW Double Or Nothing
May 30, 2021
Daily's Place
Jacksonville, FL

We are live with ongoing coverage for AEW Double Or Nothing, the first major AEW show at full capacity since the start of the pandemic.

As always, we will have results posted immediately after every match. Click here if you are having any issues seeing updates on this page.

AEW Double Or Nothing: The Buy-In

They kicked things off with a nice shot of the full capacity crowd at Daily's Place, followed by a backstage segment from Matt Hardy talking about what Private Party will do at the Casino Battle Royale. They showed video packages for some of the key matches.

NWA World Women's Championship
Serena Deeb vs. Riho

Early in the match, Riho offered a handshake but Deeb slapped her and Riho slapped her back. Excalibur noted that Riho just flew in from Japan and she is making the United States her home base.

Deeb worked over Riho's left knee and that came into play late in the match when Riho was unable to make the cover after hitting a double foot stomp off the top rope. Riho hurt her knee again whens he tried another diving foot stomp and missed. Deeb took over on offense and almost won the match after hitting a twisting neckbreaker. Deeb executed a double dragon screw, followed by a piledriver and pin attempt but Riho was able to kick out.

Riho fought her way back with a dragon suplex and a double stomp to the back of Deeb's back but Riho was slow to make the pin attempt because of her bad knee. Riho tried for the somato but Riho countered into the single leg crab but Riho made it to the bottom rope. Deeb won the match after ramming Riho's knee into the mat several times and forcing her to tap to the serenity lock.

AEW Double Or Nothing: Main Card

Hangman Adam Page vs. Brian Cage

Hangman charged at Cage and they brawled for about a minute before Hangman dove at Cage at ringside and Cage drove Cage into the ring post. Cage took over with some power moves for the next few minutes but Page took over because of Cage' showboating by curling Page. Both men clotheslined each other and Page clotheslined himself and Cage over the top rope. Cage followed up by a moonsault off the top rope to Cage on the floor and that got a huge pop from the crowd.

Back in the ring, Page countered a powerbomb off the top attempt and he did a Frankensteiner off the top rope and into a close near fall. Later in the match, Cage suplexed Page from inside the ring onto the rampway. Moments later, Cage tried the Buckshot Lariat but Page counterd and hit an F5. Page tried the Buckshot but Cage countered into a suplex and a bucklebomb. Cage also hit a discus and a spinning Liger Bomb for a close near fall. Ricky Starks ran out while Hook tried to distract the referee but Cage refused the help. Cage yelled at Hook and the distraction allowed Cage to hit the Buckshot Lariat for the win. Excellent match.

After the match, Cage argued with Starks and Hook.

AEW World Tag Team Championship
The Young Bucks vs. Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston

When Matt was on offense against Kingston, he did a lot of gestures meant to mock some of the old school wrestlers, including Hulk Hogan. After several minutes of being on defense, Kingston was finally able to make the hot tag to Moxley. Mox hit a pair of piledrives and the bulldog choke but Nick kicked Mox in the head to break the hold but Mox hit both of them with a DDT.

Karl Anderson appeared on the stage but he was taken out by Frankie Kazarian and Kingston took out Doc Gallows at ringside. Matt sprayed Mox in the face and hit him in the head with the spray can but Mox kicked out of the pin attempt. Mox was busted open by the can to the forehead. Nick and Matt hit Mox with the Indy Taker on the stage.

Mox continued to take more abuse from Nick and Matt as more blood poured out of his head. After several minutes, Mox was finally able to tag Kingston to a huge pop. Kingston hit some offensive moves but The Bucks quickly took oover and Kingston tagged in Mox but The Bucks hit a double superkick. Kingston was back in and Mox locked in the sleeper on Nick but Matt hit the 450 splash off the top into a near fall. The Bucks tried a Melzer Driver but Mox pulled Matt out. Mox hit a Doomsday device on Matt but Nick broke up the pin. Nick took out Eddie on the ring apron as fans chanted "fight forever." Nick went for a superkick but Mox tried a Paradigm Shift but Nick countered into the sharpshooter but Eddie broke it up. Eddie hit a backdrop driver and Nick hit a superplex but Mox hit Nick with the Paradigm Shift. Mox headbutted Nick several times and then he tried the sleeper but Matt was back in. Mox hit a pair of King Kong Lariat but The Bucks countered with superkicks. Mox kicked out at the count of one after taking superkicks.

The Bucks hit another double superkick on Mox and kicks to Eddie's body. The Bucks hit the BTE trigger but ox didn't drop. They hit the trigger several times and then he dropped and Matt got the pin to retain the titles.

Casino Battle Royale
Christian Cage vs. Matt Sydal vs. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Jungle Boy vs. Matt Hardy vs. Marq Quen vs. Isiah Kassidy vs. The Blade vs. Evil Uno vs. Colt Cabana vs. Preston "10" Vance vs. Griff Garrison vs. Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Max Caster vs. Anthony Bowens vs. QT Marshall vs. Nick Comoroto vs. Dustin Rhodes vs. Lee Johnson vs. TBA

Paul Wight was out to do commentary for this match.

Former WWE star made his AEW debut during this match. The final 2 in the match were Christian Cage and Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy eliminated Christian Cage to become the number 1 contender.

Order of entry:
1. Christian Cage
2. Matt Sydal
3. Powerhouse Hobbs
4. Dustin Rhodes
5. Max Caster
6. Matt Hardy
7. Isaiah Kassidy
8. Preston "10" Vance
9. Nick Comoroto
10. Serpentico
11. Brian Pillman Jr.
12. Griff Garrison
13. Colt Cabana
14. Anthony Bowens
15. Penta El Zero Miedo
16. Jungle Boy
17. Marq Quen
18. Aaron Solow
19. Evil Uno
20. Lee Johnson
21. Lio Rush

Order of elimination:
1. Matt Sydal by Max Caster
2. Max Caster by Christian Cage
3. Seprentico eliminated by Preston Vance
4. Preston Vance by Dustin Rhodes
5. Nick Comoroto by Dustin Rhodes
6. Dustin Rhodes by Powerhouse Hobbs
7. Colt Cabana by Isaiah Kassidy
8. Anthony Bowens by Varsity Blonds
9. Griff Garrison by Matt Hardy
10. Brian Pillman Jr by Private Party
11. Aaron Solow by Lee Johnson
12. Lee Johnson by Matt Hardy
13. Evil Uno by Penta El Zero Miedo
14. Penta El Zero Miedo by Jungle Boy
15. Powerhouse Hobbs by Christian Cage
16. Lio Rush by Matt Hardy
17. Marq Quen by Christian Cage
18. Isiah Kassidy by Jungle Boy
19. Matt Hardy by Christian Cage
20. Christian Cage by Jungle Boy

They did a special presentation for U.S. Veterans.

Cody Rhodes vs. Anthony Ogogo

Ogogo hit Cody with a punch to the gut and an Olympic Slam at the start but Cody came back with a powerslam but he was favoring his ribs.

Around 5 minutes into the match, Ogogo was cut and was bleeding above his right eye. Rhodes tried fro a superplex but Ogogo landed a big right hand to knock him back into the ring. Ogogo went up to the top rope and hit a frog splash but Rhodes kicked out. Ogoo followed up with an uppercut but Rhodes came back with a drop kick and the figure four.

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Ogogo went for a drop kick but Ogogo countered with a punch to the cut and a bolo punch to the face but he couldn't get the pin because Rhodes was under the rope. Rhodes counted the Governor's Hammer into the vertebreaker to win the match.

AEW TNT Championship
Miro vs. Lance Archer

Archer dove onto Miro on the rampway during Miro's entrance to get the match started. They brawled around ringside for the opening minutes of the match and Archer put Miro through a table. There was a spot with Miro throwing Archer into the crowd of wrestlers at ringside and then the match moved back into the ring.

Archer went for a moonsault, Miro moved and hit a kick and fallaway slam into a pin attempt. Jake Roberts brought a snake bag out but Miro took it away and tossed it out on the ramp. Archer chokeslammed Miro and almost pinned him. Archer fought back and was about to hit his finisher but Miro slipped out but Archer hit a shoulder block. Miro came back at him with a snap suplex and a thrust kick to the head. Miro locked in the Camel Clutch submission and Archer passed out. Miro retained.

AEW Women's World Championship
Hikaru Shida vs. Dr. Britt Baker DMD

They started the match out with a lot of mat wrestling. Baker was super serious during her intro and fans were split between DMD and Shida chants.

Shida did her trademark knee strike by using the chair as a springboard and she dove onto both Baker and Rebel at ringside. As the match got back in the ring, Baker took control after hitting Shida with the curb stomp. Shida came back at Baker with punches and consecutive knee strikes in the corner of the ring.

Moments later, Baker tried another stomp but Shida countered into the stretch muffler and Baker made it to the bottom rope. Baker fought back with the sling blade and the Air Rade crash but Shida kicked out of the pin attempt. Baker tried to get the lock jaw locked in but Shida rolled out of it. Shida hit a German suplex and a diving elbow strike into a near fall. Shida tried a Death Valley Driver off the top but Baker slipped off onto the apron. Shida then hit a superplex off the top but Baker kicked out of the pin attempt. Shida tried the DVD again but Baker rolled her up for a pin attempt. Shida locked in the stretch muffler but Rebel caused a distraction. Rebel accidentally hit Baker with the crutch and Shida then hit the falcon arrow but Baker kicked out.

Rebel tried to interfere again, Britt then curbstomped Shida on the belt but Shida kicked out. Baker tried the lock jaw but Shida rolled through into a pin attempt. Shida hit a jumping knee strike and a Tamashii but Baker kicked out of the pin attempt. Baker tried a roll up but Shida kicked out. Baker finally got the lock jaw and Shida tapped.

Sting and Darby Allin vs. Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page

Allin immediately dove onto Page at ringside to start things off and Sting brawled with Sky around ringside. Sting took a suplex on the stage from Sky but he no sold it and popped up behind Sky. Sky then shoved Sky onto Page at ringside and he dove onto both of them.

After the dive is when the match was officially started. Sting was moving around well and he looked in good shape when he took his shirt off. Allin was in the match for several minutes. Sting tagged in but ref Aubrey Edwards didn't see the tag so he had to get out as Allin took more punishment. Page took Allin and tossed him into the first row onto his brothers. Allin got in at the count of 9 but he took more punishment from Page and Sky.

Allin fought his way back with a stunner. Sting tagged in and he took out Page and Sky with the Stinger Splash and a CODE RED! Sting locked in the Scorpion Deathlock on Page while Sky had the heel hook on Allin but the holds were broken. Allin made another hot tag to Sting. Sting countered a cutter into the Scorpion Death Drop. He pinned Sky to win the match.

AEW World Championship - Three-Way Match
Kenny Omega vs. Orange Cassidy vs. PAC

They didn't do the traditional WWE formula by having someone knocked out of the ring for a few minutes. Instead, they found ways to have everyone involved in the match most of the time, which felt less contrived. Cassidy got one of the early close near falls on Omega but Omega kicked out and counterd a DDT attempt into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Moments later, Omega hit a dive on both men on the floor.

Omega went for Angel's Wings but Cassidy countered into Stundog Millionaire. PAC broke up a series of pin attempts from both PAC and Cassidy with a 450 splash. Omega hit Cassidy with two German suplexes and then a V-Trigger but PAC hit a German suplex and a boot to the face. Omega hit PAC with a knee, PAC hit Cassidy with a kick, Omega hit a clothesline.

Omega treid a v-trigger off the top but Cassidy put his hands in his pockets to break the hold. PAC then jumped up and hit an avalanche release German suplex on Omega. Cassidy then did a dive on PAC with his hands on his pockets. Back in the ring, Omega hit a Tiger Driver 98 but Cassidy kicked out of the pin attempt. Omega pulled his knee pad to expose his shin so he could kick Cassidy in the face and chest several times. Moments later, PAC almost had the match won when he hit Cassidy with a brain buster but Cassidy kicked out.

Omega tried a One Winged Angel off the top but PAC countered with a sunset flip. On the other side of the ring, PAC hit an avalanche falcon arrow off the top, Cassidy tossed PAC out of the ring and he almost pinned Omega. PAC hit Cassidy with a low blow and the Black Arrow off the top but Omega broke up the pin attempt. PAC tried the Black Arroow on Omega but Omega moved. Omega tried the One Winged Angel but PAC countered into the Brutalizer but Cassidy hit Omega with the Orange Punch and Beach Break into a close pin attempt. Cassidy hit the Orange Punch on PAC and Omega and again on PAC but Don Callis broke up the pin attempt.

Cassidy hit Omega with headbutts and then he tried a diving DDT off the top but PAC caught up and put him in the Brutalizer. Omega tried to break it up but PAC wouldn't let go so Omega attacked the referee. Omega hit PAC with all of his titles. Cassidy hit Omega with the Orange Punch into a pin attempt but Omega countered into a crucifix to pin Cassidy and retain his title.

The Young Bucks, Anderson and Gallows were out to celebrate with Omega.

Mark Henry was announced as the new AEW signing and he will be the analyst for AEW Rampage.

Stadium Stampede Match - Inner Circle must disband if they lose
The Pinnacle vs. The Inner Circle

It turned out that the rest of The Pinnacle were not in the limo. They ambushed The Inner Circle be by arriving in another vehicle. Sammy Guevara and Shawn Spears fought in the ring while everyone else fought on the field. MJF used a fire extinguisher on Jericho and Jericho chased after MJF towards the backstage area. Jaguars coach Urban Meyer was there and could be heard saying "holy sh**" to what he was seeing.

They cut to Wardlow and Jake Hager fighting in another area near a freezer. They fought in and out of the freezer. This was basically a hoss fight. Wardlow finished things by spearing Hager through a wall. They cut to Guevara and Spears in a room where they store all of the folding chairs and then they moved to a different area. Spears lawn darted Guevara into a garage door. Later on, Guevara took a ladder to the face. Spears handcuffed Guevara and walked away but Guevara looked down at bolt cutters.

They cut to Santana and Ortiz walking up to FTR and Tully Blanchard in the bar area. This was a bar fight with bottles, pool cues, and other objects broken. Konnan was the DJ. Konnan was also there to stop Blanchard from using a stick on Santana and Ortiz and the announcers acknowledged Konnan's history with the former LAX members.

They cut back to Wardlow and Hager. Wardlow took a wooden pallet but Hager moved out of the way. Hager and Warlow then fought on a cart. Hager chokeslammed Wardlow through a wooden box.

They cut to MJF and Jericho fighting by the corporate offices and a conference room. Jericho stapled a "thank you" note on MJF's forehead like New Jack used to do. The first pin attempt was MJF after he hit Jericho with a piledriver on the conference table. MJF went to use a claw hammer on Jericho's bad arm but Jericho hit his head with a plastic garbage can. Jericho then used his bat as a weapon. and he took MJF around other parts of the office before shocing him through a glass door.

They cut to Spears being chased by the Inner Circle motorcycle club. They cut back to Jericho dragging MJF towards Daily's Place. They fought at the top section of Daily's Place and at one point, Jericho powerbombed MJF through a wooden box. They cut to Spears being chased into Daily's Place by Guevara on a golf cart. Guevara caught up to him and ran into him. In the ring, Guevara tried a springboard off the top but Spears hit him with a chair. Spears hit Guevara with another chair shot but Guevara kicked out. Guevara powered up and hit the GTH on Spears. Guevara then shoved Spears' face into the chair in the corner of the ring. Guevara hit the 630 senton splash and he pinned Spears to win the match for The Inner Circle.

The other members of Inner Circle made their way to the ring to celebrate.