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AEW Double Or Nothing results: MJF vs. Jungle Boy

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

MJF vs. Jungle Boy was the second match on AEW Double Or Nothing from Jacksonville, Florida. MJF was accompanied to the ring by Wardlow.

There was a back-and-forth exchange for a couple of minutes but Jungle Boy got the upper hand until MJF went down with a knee injury. Dr. Sampson checked on MJF but it turned out that MJF was fine and as Jungle Boy was turned around, MJF got up and attacked him.

MJF was on offense for a while but Jungle Boy fought his way back while favoring his left arm. The pace picked up as Jungle Boy hit three consecutive top suicidas to MJF from the ring to the outside. Moments later, they were back in the ring and they traded chops to the chest and that was followed by a Destroyer from MJF and then an STF submission but he lost the grip because of his bad arm. MJF bit Jungle Boy's arm and then hit a package piledriver but Jungle Boy kicked out of the pin attempt.

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There was a scary-looking reverse hurricanrana from Jungle Boy that caused the back of MJF's head to hit the ring apron. Jungle Boy could have won the match via countout but he brought MJF into the ring. Jungle Boy tried a move off the top but MJF grabbed the referee's leg and she was knocked into the rope and that caused MJF to lose his balance. MJF recovered and got up to the rope with Junge Boy but Jungle Boy hit a powerbomb off the top rope. MJF kicked out of the pin attempt.

There were several roll up counters but MJF got the win by pinning Jungle Boy. This was a great wrestling match.

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