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AEW Double Or Nothing results: The Inner Circle vs. The Pinnacle

It started with The Pinnacle arriving in a limo. MJF came out of it and he cut a promo on Jericho and The Inner Circle. The Inner Circle made their entrance on zip lines from the top of the stadium.

It turned out that the rest of The Pinnacle were not in the limo. They ambushed The Inner Circle be by arriving in another vehicle. Sammy Guevara and Shawn Spears fought in the ring while everyone else fought on the field. MJF used a fire extinguisher on Jericho and Jericho chased after MJF towards the backstage area. Jaguars coach Urban Meyer was there and could be heard saying “holy sh**” to what he was seeing.

They cut to Wardlow and Jake Hager fighting in another area near a freezer. They fought in and out of the freezer. This was basically a hoss fight. Wardlow finished things by spearing Hager through a wall. They cut to Guevara and Spears in a room where they store all of the folding chairs and then they moved to a different area. Spears lawn darted Guevara into a garage door. Later on, Guevara took a ladder to the face. Spears handcuffed Guevara and walked away but Guevara looked down at bolt cutters.

They cut to Santana and Ortiz walking up to FTR and Tully Blanchard in the bar area. This was a bar fight with bottles, pool cues, and other objects broken. Konnan was the DJ. Konnan was also there to stop Blanchard from using a stick on Santana and Ortiz and the announcers acknowledged Konnan’s history with the former LAX members.

They cut back to Wardlow and Hager. Wardlow took a wooden pallet but Hager moved out of the way. Hager and Warlow then fought on a cart. Hager chokeslammed Wardlow through a wooden box.

They cut to MJF and Jericho fighting by the corporate offices and a conference room. Jericho stapled a “thank you” note on MJF’s forehead like New Jack used to do. The first pin attempt was MJF after he hit Jericho with a piledriver on the conference table. MJF went to use a claw hammer on Jericho’s bad arm but Jericho hit his head with a plastic garbage can. Jericho then used his bat as a weapon. and he took MJF around other parts of the office before shocing him through a glass door.

They cut to Spears being chased by the Inner Circle motorcycle club. They cut back to Jericho dragging MJF towards Daily’s Place. They fought at the top section of Daily’s Place and at one point, Jericho powerbombed MJF through a wooden box. They cut to Spears being chased into Daily’s Place by Guevara on a golf cart. Guevara caught up to him and ran into him. In the ring, Guevara tried a springboard off the top but Spears hit him with a chair.  Spears hit Guevara with another chair shot but Guevara kicked out. Guevara powered up and hit the GTH on Spears. Guevara then shoved Spears’ face into the chair in the corner of the ring. Guevara hit the 630 senton splash and he pinned Spears to win the match for The Inner Circle.

The other members of Inner Circle made their way to the ring to celebrate.

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