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AEW Dynamite: Chris Jericho explains why he is putting his career on the line this Sunday against MJF

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Jim Ross conducted an in-ring interview with Chris Jericho on AEW Dynamite. Ross started out by saying that he believes that Jericho made a mistake by putting his in-ring career on the line this Sunday at All Out against MJF.

Jericho said he started his main event (WWE) journey in Chicago and Ross was the person that recruited him. Jericho said that MJF is a "piece of sh**" but he is diabolical and calculated and a button pusher. He also said MJF is confident and arrogant and the only thing he has over him is 3 victories.

Jericho said those 3 losses to MJF are the reason why he is putting his career on the line this Sunday night and he didn't want to look in the mirror and live with the fact that he couldn't beat MJF.

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Jericho said if he loses on Sunday, he will thank the fans for being a big part of his life and he will do commentary full time on Rampage but MJF will have to be the best he's ever been if he plans on winning on Sunday.