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AEW Dynamite
January 25, 2023
Rupp Arena
Lexington, KY

Welcome to our live coverage of AEW Dynamite. As always, we will have the results up immediately after every match. Refresh this page often to see updated results. 

Tonight on Dynamite: Mark Briscoe vs Jay Lethal. Bryan Danielson vs Brian Cage. Darby Allin defends his TNT Championship against Buddy Matthews. Toni Storm vs Ruby Soho. JungleHook vs Ethan Page & Matt Hardy. Daddy Ass takes his kids to family therapy. The J.A.S take vs Ricky Starks & Action Andretti. All this and more tonight on AEW Dynamite!

Our coverage begins at 8pm

Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara (with Daniel Garcia) vs Action Andretti & Ricky Starks

Andretti gave Guevara a Reverse Hurricanrana and a Neckbreaker. The ref went to check on Guevara which allowed Daniel Garcia to hit Andretti with the baseball bat. Guevara hit Andretti with the GTS and pinned him.

Briscoe Brothers video package aired showing them with their family as well as some of their wrestling career highlights.

TNT Championship: Darby Allin (with Sting) vs Buddy Matthews (with Julia Hart) 

They showed footage of Darby's six-man tag team match with Sting and The Great Muta from this past weekend for Pro Wrestling Noah and said Darby did not get out of it unscathed. Matthews worked on the injured knee of Darby. Darby gave him a Coffin Drop outside the ring. Inside the ring, the lights went out. When lights came on, Brody King and Malaki Black were standing in the aisle. Ortiz came from behind and hit King with a kendo stick, but Black gave him a kick to the face. Sting then hit King with his bat. Inside the ring, Matthews gave Darby a power bomb as Black, King, Ortiz, and Sting fought to the back. After some back and forth action, Darby gave Matthews the Coffin Drop and pinned him to win the match. After the match, Tony Schiavone got in the ring to interview Darby, but Samoa Joe appeared on the video wall before Darby could speak. Joe said he is coming to take his TNT Championship back from Darby.

Video Package: Adam Cole

Cole said he has missed wrestling. He doesn't know when he is coming back, but that day is coming soon.

Ethan Page, Matt Hardy, Isiah Kassidy, and Stokely Hathaway were on their way to the ring. Page said he is the star of the show said, 'Isn't that right Isiah?' Isiah said, hell no.  

Ethan Page & Matt Hardy (with Stokely Hathaway & Isiah Kassidy) vs Hook & Jungle Boy Jack Perry

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Matt Hardy was going for the Twist of Fate on Perry, but Page insisted on being tagged in. Page went for the Twist of Fate, but Perry caught Page in the Snare Trap and Page submitted.

Family Therapy Session with Daddy Ass, The Acclaimed, and The Gunn Club

Billy Gunn asked his sons when did they become so entitled, spoiled brats. The Gunns said he had nothing to do with how they were raised as he was on the road during their childhood. The dream of those tag team titles were supposed to be with them, and he ditched them. The Acclaimed said they are two of the biggest pieces of sh*t they ever met. They said as soon as Billy showed The Acclaimed a little bit of attention, they got jealous and put their hands on them. Billy said he understand both points but he told his kids they took the easy way out. The said their faults as sons are his failure as a father. Billy asked them what will make them happy, and they said they want the belts and left.


Adam Page said he knows he and Jon Moxley have one win apiece over each other and he would like to do is to knock out Jon Moxley next week in Dayton, OH. Wheeler Yuta appeared and said while Moxley isn't cleared tonight, Moxley is ready and accepts his challenge. Yuta challenged Page to fight him this Friday on Rampage.

Bryan Danielson vs Brian Cage (with Prince Nana)

Cage gave Danielson a Bucklebomb and followed it up with a Powerbom . Cage picked him up for another one, but Danielson rolled him up for the pin. Cage attacked Danielson after the match. MJF made his way to the ring. Cage threw Danielson outside the ring. MJF gave Cage a chair. Cage put Danielson's arm inside the chair and rammed him into the ring post. MFJ got Danielson inside the ring and pounded on him. Takeshita came in to help Danielson and MJF immediately left the ring. Cage and Takeshita went at it with Takeshita hitting Cage with a jumping knee sending Cage outside the ring. After the commercial break, Doc Sampson was in the locker room with Danielson and said in his medical opinion, Danielson can't wrestle. Danielson said nobody can stop him from wrestling. He said MJF is afraid of being hurt, afraid of being exposed, and afraid that he's going to take the AEW Championship from him. He said he is going to expose MJF for the fraud that he is. He told Doc Sampson that he is not going to stop him from wrestling ever again.

In a pre-taped interview, Toni Storm said Ruby Soho stuck her nose in her business to help those homegrown idiots. Storm said she must have forgotten who she is, but right now she is acting like a misfit. In another pre-taped interview, Soho said she worked her ass off in wrestling to be taken seriously and to make it in AEW. Soho said Storm disrespect these wrestlers because their journey started here as everybody's journey starts somewhere, but Storm's journey will end with her.

Toni Storm vs Ruby Soho

Soho hit Storm with a knee to the nose. Storm pretended that she couldn't continue but then gave Soho a belly to back suplex and followed it up with a DDT, but Soho kicked out. Britt Baker appeared at the top of the ramp. Soho gave Storm the Destination Unknown for the pin.


MJF said Takeshita is very talented in the ring, but he's not very smart to dance with the devil. He warned Takeshita to stay out of his business or their will be consequences. He said Bryan Danielson is obsessed with the championship. He said Danielson knows what physical pain feels like, but if he keeps messing with him, he will unleash mental pain, and that leaves a scar. MJF said this week Tony Khan issued an open contract to fight Danielson on Dynamite. MJF said he called Timothy Thatcher to accept that challenge. 

Jay Lethal vs Mark Briscoe

Lethal and Briscoe shook hands before the match and Lethal had a tear in his eye. Lethal hit the Lethal Injection on Briscoe, but Briscoe rolled out of the ring. Briscoe set Lethal on the ringside table. Briscoe climbed the turnbuckle and hit a flying elbow on Lethal sending them through the table. Inside the ring, Lethal attempted the Lethal Injection but was met with a clothesline. Briscoe hit the Jay Driller on Lethal for the pin. After the match, members of the AEW locker room were at the top of the ramp. Briscoe and Lethal hugged afterwards.