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AEW Full Gear results: CM Punk vs. Eddie Kingston

CM Punk and Eddie Kingston faced off at AEW Full Gear in Minneapolis.

Before the bell, Kingston hit Punk with a spinning backfist and it knocked him out. Punk recovered and the match started as Punk gave Kingston the middle finger.

Kingston continued to attack Punk at ringside. When they got back in the ring, Punk recovered and hit heavy knees and punches to the body but Kingston countered with an exploder suplex, followed by shots to the body. Punk fought back with a knee and punches to the head. Punk was busted open after getting kicked and punched several times around ringside.

Punk picked up Kingston and dropped him and seemed to tease the 5 knuckle shuffle but he didn’t and just gave Kingston a middle finger to the face. Punk did a tribute to Eddie Guerrero by hitting the Three Amigos. Punk went to the top rope but Kingston got up and slapped him and then attacked him with a barrage of punches. Kingston followed up with a superplex off the top rope.

Both men charged at each other and traded punches but Kingston got the upper hand with kicks to the face. Kingston teased hitting the GTS but Punk recovered in time and he hit the GTS but Kingston fell near the ropes and Punk was too weakened to follow up. Punk hit elbow strikes to the head, followed by knees and the GTS to pin Kingston.

Kingston refused to shake Punk’s hand after the match.

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