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The Elite (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks) returned to challenge Death Triangle for the Trios Titles at AEW Full Gear.

The Elite came out to Wayward Son and there was a huge "welcome back" and "Colt Cabana" chant. Omega and The Bucks looked refreshed and Omega looks like he's in great shape so the time off probably was good for their bodies.

As you would expect, there were tons of crazy spots and sequences. One of the crazier spots was Nick Jackson and Penta standing on the top rope and Penta taking a hurricanrana and crashing into the rest of the wrestlers on the floor. Moments later, Death Triangle hit a triple tombstone on The Elite.

PAC hit the Black Arrow and then he transitioned into the Brutalizer on Omega. The hold was broken up by Nick Jackson. Fenix and Pentagon hit a running diver over the top rope onto The Bucks. PAC tossed the hamer to Fenix but Fenix tossed it back. Omega then hit the V-Trigger and the Tiger Driver 98 but Fenix kicked out. 

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Penta hit some offense but then took a triple superkick. Fenix took the BTE Trigger to the head but PAC broke up the pin attempt. PAC tried to use the hammer but Nick Jackson hit a superkick to the head. Matt hit a moonsault on the guys on the floor. PAC slipped Fenix the hammer and he used it on Omega's head and Death Triangle retained. 

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