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AEW Full Gear results: Dr. Britt Baker, DMD vs. Tay Conti

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD put her AEW Women's World Championship on the line against Tay Conti at AEW Full Gear.

Rich Ward from Fozzy played a live guitar rendition of Baker's entrance theme. Baker started the match with a quick roll up. Baker also tried for the Lock Jaw but Conti slipped out before she could apply the hold. Baker dominated the first several minutes of the match until Conti was able to hit a running knee to the head.

Conti hit several clotheslines and pump kicks in the corner of the ring. She followed up with a flying body press of the top rope. Baker countered a move off the rope from Conti with a neck breaker but Conti recovered and hit a forearm. Conti tried a neck breaker but Baker came back at her with a stomp to the head.

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Baker put on the glove to set up for the Lock Jaw but Conti caught her with a cutter and a pin attempt. Conti tried a Got Style piledriver but Baker countered with an Air Raid crash on the ring apron. Conti kicked out of the pin attempt and then Baker went for the Lock Jaw but Conti slid under the rope. Conti almost won the match after hitting the Tay KO but Baker kicked out of the pin attempt. Baker hit a kick but Conti countered with a thrust kick. Conti then hit a Gotch style piledriver but Baker kicked out.

A distraction from Rebel allowed Jamie Hayter to attack Conti at ringside. Baker did the curb stomp on the stairs and another stomp in the ring before trying to apply the Lock Jaw but Conti rolled through it to break the Lock Jaw attempt. Baker missed another stomp attempt and Conti caught her with a kick that knocked her to the ringside area. Conti then hit a moonsault onto Hayter and Rebel as Baker walked away but Conti picked up and slammed Baker on the floor. Conti hit the DDTay but Baker kicked out of the pin attempt. Tay tried another hammerlock DDT but Baker was able to counter and roll her up for the pin.

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